Awesome Fascinating Heartfelt Book, from Earth and Heaven by Niki and Seth

Planet Earth is the toughest school in the universe.
Most souls have a difficult time.
Few people have endured what Seth and Niki Brown did.
Fewer regained their balance as Seth and Niki did.
Even fewer found the reasons behind all the pain they went through.
After all that heartache, they now celebrate the eternal reality of love which permeates all worlds.

You can read their tumultuous story in The Child I Lost Found Me: A Mother’s Journey to Communicate with Her Departed Son, written by both Niki Brown and Seth Brown.

With her spiritual awareness, Niki recognized Seth’s super sensitivity almost as soon as he was born.
He grew into an intuitive, creative artist with a good sense of humor.
Yet he was sometimes terrorized by mysterious visions.

His family life was beautiful. His parents and three siblings loved him deeply.
His mother Niki watched over his troubled times. Sometimes she had spiritual insights about his distant past, before this life.

By the time he was a teenager, inexplicable inner voices tormented Seth.

Niki sought out every source of help to heal her son. From traditional medicine, neurology, psychology, to spiritual healing of all kinds. She even took Seth to Sai Baba in India in hopes of a cure.
They would make some headway but then slip back.
It was a hellish journey.

Finally as a young man, Seth found a season of peace.
Yet it was then that he took his life, shocking Niki and her family into misery.

Niki had always been spiritual, always a meditator, but now she found herself in the deepest grief at the loss of her son.

However, Seth came through with a message for his family very soon after his death, trying to soothe their pain.
He also sent unmistakable signs to each of them at odd moments to show that he was with them, still.

More and more of these wondrous miracle messages continue to show up. Feathers appear in unexpected places. Many are photos in the book.
Seth is creative and fun in the variety of ways he connects with his family. (You’ll love those stories.)

In her profound grief, Niki gradually found herself opening to hear Seth’s messages with more and more clarity. This was true, reliable communication.

She became a clear channel to write everything Seth wanted to say about his life and his many lives, including past lives where Niki and Seth were together in horrendous circumstances.

In this way a large part of the book is written by Seth.
We hear about his life through his eyes. He conveys what was going on inside him, and the karma he had to face.
We read his remarkable experiences in Heaven.

On the other side of the Veil, Seth is a teacher filled with great wisdom.
He speaks about our Heaven Breath and how at some level we are always checking in and receiving energy and light from Heaven, even when we’re not aware of it.

He shows us that people have many different experiences when they land in Heaven.
He speaks about our true selves and our illusions.
He urges us to find and celebrate our authentic Self.

He inspires us with simple ways to find happiness.

His main point is that we are all One, and
the only thing worth focusing upon is love.

This book is for anyone who has lost a child or a loved one (especially by suicide).
It’s for anyone who struggles with depression or disturbing thoughts.
It’s for anyone who is wondering about their ultimate future, beyond this world.

It’s for all of us who want to understand the deep underpinnings of life and the sweetness of the afterlife.

In short, this is a book you don’t want to miss!

This spiritual book will heal many hearts, including yours.

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Trust me, this book will inspire you in hundreds of ways.

You will feel much better about life, death, and Heaven.

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