Ever Wonder about Ascension Symptoms? Here’s the Scoop from Dr. Peebles

Did you catch the February 14th Q&A session with Dr. Peebles?
He covered tons of fascinating topics!

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for this great mp3, Dr. Peebles Speaks Feb. 14, 2023.

I transcribed the following section, regarding 5D transition symptoms, as the whole Earth is shifting into the Fifth Dimension understanding of love.

Question: There is some discussion on social media regarding ascension symptoms. How can we tell the difference between ascension symptoms and possibly the beginning of an illness?


Dr. Peebles:

Well, my dear friends, we will use your word “ascension” – but as you are really expanding and growing into greater love and a greater deeper understanding of love, there will be things that will fall away.

There will be sadnesses.

You will suddenly be looking back in your life at the contrast there and saying, “Oh my goodness gracious, if I’d only known then what I know now, I would have done things differently.”


So a lot of people are having regrets.
Those are some of the symptoms, shall we say, of what you call your ascension here.
Regrets, looking back, wondering why things had to be the way they were.

Well, because you are a different “you” today than you were yesterday. Goodness gracious.


And as you are working within this, we would rather say, truly my friends, the greater symptoms of ascension are, “Oh goody, look at that, it’s a beautiful day! I am so excited about this morning. Thank you, God, for this beautiful day and all the pleasures and treasures and wonders within it, and I look forward to what’s happening next. I can’t wait for what’s happening next!”

And when those little thoughts of yesterday start creeping up, or you start to feel little sniffles and a little illness, you say, “Ah, that must be me just purging the old stuff from the past. Goodness gracious, how wonderful that is.”

And so yes, you can have certain physical symptoms if you’re still striving to hold onto the old ways as you move into the new ones.
You’re letting go of the old stuff and moving on to the new, but you’ve got one foot in both places, so that can cause a little stress and cause some physical ailments and that sort of thing.

But again the true symptoms are wonderful symptoms, creative symptoms.
You want to suddenly create things.
You want to create art.
You want to kiss your lover.
You want to hug your children.
You want to help a friend.
You want to pick up somebody off the sidewalk and take them someplace where they can get a warm meal to eat and such.

Those are the symptoms of ascension that we’d prefer you put your attention to, God bless you indeed.

Because you are going into a state of greater and greater love, a greater awareness of love, and how wonderful that is.

Once you fall in love with that journey, it is turning that circle which is your consciousness into a spiral and weaving yourself into that beautiful, beautiful fabric of eternity – of light, love, inspiration, and truth, God bless you indeed.


My goodness gracious, as so many people say, I certainly am an eternal optimist, aren’t I, my Dear?
God bless you indeed.
It’s so wonderful. It feels so good to love you all so much and to feel such joy for you, on behalf of you and everybody on the planet Earth, for every living creature upon the Earth.
It is a joy to be a leaf on a tree.

If you could see it from our perspective, you would feel it, and you would never ever fall into despair ever again.
You would only see that that there is not even a need for hope anymore, because life is what it is, ever expansive, always growing into greater and greater love, God bless you indeed.

                   –  Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, February 14, 2022

You’ll enjoy listening to this delightful mp3 of February 14th.

Here are Summer’s notes on this wonderful session:
Dr. Peebles Speaks • February 14, 2023
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

“Your planet earth is the greatest love letter that God has ever written.” —Dr. Peebles

  • A perspective on Valentine’s Day
  • You need the contrasts of life
  • Listening to the other perspectives
  • Balloons over the United States
  • How to work with scary things in the world with wonder
  • Manifesting romantic love (a fascinating perspective on relationships)
  • AI and digital currency: how will it change our world and affect our humanness
  • Why do some souls have challenging journeys?
  • Do gods evolve? How?
  • Ascension symptoms or the flu?
  • Back to the Future or the Past: Reincarnation and the Soul
  • Is there a way to prepare for death?
  • Does our soul remember Heaven?
  • Is there difference between the Soul and the Higher Self?
  • Acclimating to the other side after “death”
  • The Earth’s Core has stopped spinning. What does this mean for humanity?
  • A great smattering of Dr. Peebles’ sense of humor, and so much more!!!

Which of these topics sparks your curiosity?

Don’t miss Dr. Peebles Speaks February 14, 2023


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new Earth by Jerneg Furman on Flickr

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