Watch Out and Take Care with Hazardous Makeup and Lipstick – Be Safe

Be bold and raise your hand if you are less likely to use makeup nowadays compared to pre-pandemic? (That would be me. I like to be realistic, less made-up. Plus my doc told me years ago to avoid toxins in skin products, as they could impact my thyroid.)

Cosmetics and personal care products are notoriously unregulated for safety.
The FDA does not control them.
Cosmetic companies are expected to test for safety and follow guidelines, but that doesn’t mean they do.
Most don’t reveal all their ingredients.
They can slap the label “natural” on their product, but it’s a meaningless word.

The average American woman uses 12 cosmetic and personal care items each day, which contain 168 chemicals.
Whatever we put on our skin goes into the bloodstream and can affect the organs and the whole body, in time.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found nearly 150 toxic ingredients in cosmetics. They have stated that about 80% of our personal care products contain toxic impurities.

In 2008 government scientists at NIH found that the use of lipstick 3 or more days per week correlated with a 70% greater risk of developing lupus.

Whatever we put on our lips enters the bloodstream through the mucous membranes. We lick our lips and bring it into the digestive system as well.

Environmental Defence Canada tested an array of popular makeup in 2011. Most products contained nickel, lead, and beryllium. About half of them contained cadmium and thallium. 20% contained arsenic.

In 2021, toxic fluorine was found in lip products, mascaras, and foundations.

Heavy metal contamination is found in nearly all cosmetics, even in Sephora, L’Oreal, MAC, and Clinique.

Benefit Benetint lip gloss apparently has more heavy metals than any other lipstick (i.e., beryllium, nickel, lead, cadmium, thallium and arsenic).
It has 700 times the amount of arsenic that is allowed to be in food, and 10 times the  amount of lead allowed in food.

How would you know that you’re overloaded with heavy metals?
Well, you might not know.
Or you may have vague symptoms like weakness, fatigue, brain fog, stomach pain, chills, anxiety, maybe a little numbness in hands and feet.
You can ask your doctor for a heavy metal blood test.
But since the buildup of heavy metals is slow and progressive, you might try the more proactive approach of getting a hair tissue mineral analysis.

Or maybe you feel fine and you think this whole idea is hogwash.
But still, it’s worthwhile to use healthy products on your precious body.

At the EWG Skin Deep database, you can search the safety level of the products you use on your face, body, hair, and especially on your babies.
(You may be surprised how many common products are considered toxic to our endocrine system, fertility, and immune system. Some spark allergies. Some carry cancer risk.)

Since 1993 the Environmental Working Group of scientists (now a nationwide community of 30 million) has been trying to protect our environment and our health.

Some EWG-verified safe lipsticks are made by these companies:
Mineral Fusion,
Maia’s Mineral Galaxy,
Honest Beauty,
Rejuva Minerals.

If you want to change up your products, just write “shampoo” in the Skin Deep database, and see which ones come up first – the healthiest choices.

Kudos and big thanks to the EWG for all it has been doing, these 3 decades!


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