The Fun of Listening to Jerry and Other People We Thought Were Dead

I must tell you about this awesome book I read years ago – Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead, by Irene Kendig (published 2010).

A long-time corporate trainer, Kendig was too busy to take time out for such a silly thing as to listen to a medium or talk with spirits. A friend kept urging her to call and do just that, because the friend considered this particular medium to be amazingly accurate.

When Kendig finally gave in (just to quiet the friend), she found herself having a real conversation with her deceased mother, who shared details that only she and Mom knew about, and she was totally blown away.
It dawned on her – the afterlife is real!
She was amazed.

Kendig began to interview various spirits on the other side of the veil, people she had known in life – relatives, friends, acquaintances of different ages and backgrounds – Jerry, Jared, Beba, Bill, Vince, Zaydeh, and Paula.

Her friend Jerry had been a deeply spiritual philosopher, reporter, counselor, and pastor, educated in many branches of spirituality, including Buddhism toward the end of his life.

His perspectives about the spirit world and about our human patterns and priorities fascinated Kendig, as they fascinate me.

As a touchstone for myself, I took the following notes, paraphrased from the book (not exact quotes).

Jerry says, as I inhale, I strengthen my being. As I exhale, I add strength to the whole by sharing my experience.
Every breath brings in the new and releases the old.

The soul speaks through the heart.
Follow the heart’s desire – this is God light pouring through you.

Jerry uses the metaphor of white paper with a layer of grime. We’ve chosen to cover ourselves with untruth, with grime, with energies that are not in harmony with the truth.
The truth is, we are one, we are love expressing itself, we are God.
Everyone on earth is here to strengthen love and diminish fear.
In order to be fearful, you have to pretend there’s no love.

Strengthen the love.
Love is always present.

Spirit speaks through feelings.
To develop your intuition, you must be aware of your feelings.
Be willing to feel them.
When you feel something is not right, Spirit is providing feedback for how to proceed, just as it does when you feel inspired and you know you’re on the right track.
Allow yourself to express whatever you’re feeling.

Be true to your feelings, true to yourself.

Jerry offers many high-minded (high-hearted) spiritual perspectives.
The other six spirit conversations are captivating, too, as they tell of their own experiences and learnings, from human and spirit life.

Vince says, right after death, he felt his own elation mixed with his friend’s sadness. He never knew we had the capacity to feel so deeply. He realized we humans affect each other quite deeply, whether we know it or not.

Bill says, judgment slows the flow of energy.
A judgmental habit stagnates you. If you judge your feeling as inappropriate, wrong, or not aligned with your beliefs, you won’t allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, and you will sidetrack the energy from feeling to thinking.
Life is a flow.
Blocking feelings reduces the flow of life.

Jared says, our capacity to love is an ongoing process. It’s not about getting more love; it’s about allowing more love.
If I were on earth now, I would choose patience, compassion, acceptance, first and foremost with myself. I would practice loving myself by respecting my choices.
I’d throw perfectionism out the window and allow myself to make mistakes.
When we love ourselves fully, love flows through us to others. If we’re under nourished from having ignored our own needs, it’s a strain to nourish others.

Self-love creates the foundation that allows us to love more.

If you are at all curious about spirituality and the spirit realm, I think this book will be delicious for you. It certainly is, for me.
(I’m not a salesperson – just want to share what I like.)
Check out Irene Kendig’s Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead.

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Do you have a favorite spirit-style book to share? Please comment below.

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