Sorry to Say, New Studies Show RO Water is Unhealthy and Unsafe

Is anybody still drinking RO water (reverse osmosis)? Drinking it, even though it’s acidic and depletes your minerals?

The process of reverse osmosis makes that water acidic. (RO machines from years ago produced water with a pH of 4.5, but recent machines have improved to a pH of about 6.)
Over the years, a person drinking RO water saturates their body in acid and keeps their cells starved for minerals. (Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.)

Natural water has a neutral pH of 7.0 for good reason, to fulfill all of its miraculous chemical interactions in the body. It needs to be neutral in order to accomplish its thousands of flexible functions. Our healthy bodies would rather have neutral water, which can do us the most good.

But. The taste.
In the past several decades since humans started buying bottled water, the soda pop companies have produced acidic waters which taste bright and sharp in the mouth. We have come to feel that water should taste that way. (R.O. water tastes that way, and it’s good stuff, right?)

What we don’t understand is, that sharp sparkling feeling in the mouth is actually acidic water.
We have grown to like this taste.
If we did taste tests, I’m sure a lot of people would choose Dasani or AquaFina, which have a pH of 3 to 4, same as soda pop pH.

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) investigated hundreds of scientific studies regarding RO water. They came to the conclusion that RO water definitely has an adverse effect on animals and humans. It depletes minerals to a dangerous degree. (Reverse Osmosis removes all minerals.)
The WHO issued a warning against RO water, because it causes more harm than the contaminants found in most tap water.

Populations who drank RO water developed cardiovascular symptoms, muscular cramps, weakness, and fatigue. Pregnancies and newborns suffered other damages.

The WHO says minerals in food are not enough to make up for the missing minerals in RO water, if a person continues to drink it for months.

RO water also depletes our electrolytes.
It leeches minerals from the body, which weakens the bones, teeth, and all body systems.
When we use RO water in cooking, it removes essential elements and minerals from the foods. (Who knew?)

Although some newer RO machines try to add back minerals, the WHO says that cannot recreate natural water, which contains many important trace elements.
They vote “no” on RO.

In 1993 I took municipal water from my kitchen to an unbiased lab to be examined. It passed all the tests to be labeled as safe and good for human consumption.

But I know we worry about our water. In some parts of the world, the water is spoiled.
I think for many of us, the best thing to do is to use filtered water.
A filtered water pitcher is a fine idea.
Maybe purchase a good water filter to install on the faucet or a larger one under the sink.
(I eventually got a MultiPure filter.)

How do you handle your water? Please comment below.

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