How to Handle the New Year – Fun Advice from Dr. Peebles

We’re going to have a “topsy turvey” 2023, and yet everything is in right order, says Dr. Peebles, in his message of December 30th. He talks about the ups and downs we may go through.

We may find ourselves becoming more in tune with Spirit and with our inner mysticism. (I’m excited about that!)

Here is a beautiful encouraging excerpt from Dr. Peebles Speaks December 30th.

Look to your world and see that it is all you.
Then, what part of you would you like to heal today?
And there are parts of you that you’ve healed in the past, perhaps in past lives.

 You look to certain things, and you say, “Well, what’s wrong with me, doctor Peebles, is there something wrong with me? Because I don’t really care what’s going on in the rest of the world. There are wars and other things happening, but I don’t really care to see it, or talk about it, or do anything about it. I’m just going to live my life. I want to go paint my pictures.”

Well, perhaps that’s your experience of self right now, my dear friends.
That you’ve experienced the wars. You’ve resolved a lot of the wars within yourself. You’re not fighting yourself anymore. You’re not warring within and saying, “I should not be painting right now. I should be doing something more important.”

Suddenly you surrender to that experience of painting, because that’s what you desire.
And you discover that that is important.
Because it is important to you.
Because it is your truth. It is what you feel and need and desire to be doing right here and now. And you are settled within that.

 You discover the peace that surpasses understanding, by sitting and being within your own truth, and enjoying the process, and realizing that that is as important as anything else that anybody else is doing upon the planet Earth.

Human beings love to compare and contrast themselves with others. This person is a fantastic person because they can play the violin, and they can, if you will, teach classes, and they can heal the children, and they have stepped into a war zone and said, “I’m going to heal the people who are here.” They’re doing all these wonderful things.
Yes, they are, fantastic!
But in truth, my friends, if you are a painter and you’re painting, and you’re giving of your heart to the world in that respect, that is just as important.

If you are in alignment with your heart, and you are doing things from the heart, then you are not trying to manipulate anything. You’re not trying to force anything to fit.
You’re saying, “This is my role here,” just as the tree that is growing out in your yard is saying, “I’m just simply here. I am a tree. This is my spot. This is what I’m doing.”
No judgment.
Not saying, “Oh my goodness, I ought to be the bird.”
Just the tree being the tree, and the bird saying, “Well, I’m being a bird. That’s what I’m doing right now. This is my choice. This is my perception. This is how I’m creating my own reality.”

Everything in your world is rather magical, even some of the darkness …
– Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon on Dec. 30, 2022

Many thanks to Summer for this most recent transmission.
To find out more about humanity and 2023, download the wonderful MP3 of Dr. Peebles Speaks December 30, 2022.

The presentation includes:

  • The face of God is within you
  • How spirits continue to learn
  • When are we alone?
  • Our vital, simple, practical purpose, here and now, on Earth
  • Many interesting changes, coming in this year of 2023
  • And much, much more

How goes your 2023 so far?

We are continuing our 10-minute high-noon meditations to bless the Earth and everybody and everything upon her.
Join us in cyberspace – you may feel us together there – at noon, Arizona time, or anytime that is convenient for you.
There’s no doubt humanity and Spirit are always bringing in more Light and Love – you will feel the undercurrent at any time, when you tune in.

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