Three Easy Ways to Raise your Baseline Vibe of Gratitude and Love

Did you know (you do!) that gratitude makes life bloom?
That we fall in love with our life as it is, via gratitude?

“Count your blessings every day.” – Grandma

“Gratitude is life force.” – Anonymous? (ubiquitous)

In self energy healing, when we take in a blessing/ a gorgeous place/ a wonderful moment, we place both hands on our heart and breathe into it.
Holding our heart, we fully enjoy this beautiful moment, this beloved one, this gorgeous scene, this wondrous music, this delicious food, this satisfaction.

Also – we can actively recall a blessing and hold our heart.
Try it with me.
Breathe into that delight.

The heart has the biggest energy vortex in the body.
When we place our hands upon the heart, we bring in even more sweet energy.
The more often we do this, the more we train ourselves into an ongoing state of gratitude and love.

That’s right! It becomes easier to shift into feeling good, the more we do this simple practice of holding our heart.

Another way to raise our baseline vibe (and feel good) is to keep a gratitude list.
Just before bedtime, write one line about the lovely thing(s) that happened to you that day.

(It is human nature that by the end of our day, we rehash the day’s troubles.
As we’ve said before, point your palms to the ground and intentionally blow out all the crap of your day. Blow out your troubles and everybody else’s troubles which are affecting you. Let Mother Earth compost and recycle those energies.)

Remind yourself that it’s time to celebrate gratitude.
Find the bright spots that happened today, and jot down the juicy one(s) on your list.

Recall the details of that juicy good moment.
Close your eyes and use your fingertips to tap your forehead between your eyebrows (your third eye).
Breathe deeply and tap gently as you review and enjoy this bright spot in your day.
How good it was, how much you appreciate it, how this part of life is so sweet.

Give yourself 15 seconds to tap, relive it, and fully appreciate it.
Then tap in the next delight.

You’ll go to bed feeling more relaxed and happy.
You’ll also have an ongoing list of your own delicious moments. It cheers you up, just to look at that list.

Tap in the good (into your 3rd eye) during any good moment or memory. This will lift your baseline happy vibration.
(If you don’t want to look obvious about it, you can do one quick brush of a finger or knuckle on that spot.)

How to Raise your Baseline Vibe?
Remember these three ways:

  • Hold your heart with both hands to take in a delight, or recall a blessing.
  • Keep a one-line gratitude list each day, right before bedtime. (First blow out your troubles.)
  • Tap your forehead between your brows and relive the good moment(s) of this day. (And touch it whenever you have a happy moment or memory.)

Bonus: Reverse Bucket List
In these tough years, we tend to dwell on the negative stuff. We forget all the good stuff. But we don’t have to do that.

Let’s actively feed our positive notes, to grow them bigger in our mind and heart.
Do a “reverse bucket list,” where you gradually list all the wonderful things you have enjoyed doing in your life. Your work, your play, your vacations, your learnings, your friends, your best seasons.
Think and feel and appreciate: I came to earth, and I did all these interesting things, difficult things, accomplishments, fun things. I learned what I came to learn.

Gratitude is the most important self-care in the world.
Faithfully, steadily, daily, put yourself into the vibration of gratitude.
You will feel better in your own life.

“Fall in love with your life,” as Dr. Peebles says.

Use Peebles’ line: “Thank You, God, for this beautiful day and all the pleasures, treasures, and wonders within it.”
You’ll be surprised that saying it out loud will draw lovely pleasures and treasures to you like a magnet, each day.

Tell us, what’s your favorite way to boost gratitude and love?

(P.S. Dr. Peebles gave a wonderful New Year talk on December 30th – check it out!)

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