Peace on Earth through a Favorite Harmonious Healing Song of Love

What’s your favorite song that conveys the real (and impending, emerging) vibration of peace on earth?

I would love to hear about it.

Sound healing is an up-and-coming science that uses instruments – from drums to Tibetan bowls to tuning forks to all musical instruments, including the sound of our own voice. We may not understand sound healing fully yet, but we can feel the way a good song uplifts us and helps us feel better instantly.

I want to share one of my favorite songs here.
David Wilcox wrote the tune and lyrics – like a dialogue of encouragement for a friend who’s feeling bleak and hopeless.

Does that sound like anybody you know, during these strange, chaotic, heavy times? During these times when, even though we find positive moments, even though we take hold of our mind to focus on the positive, we still bump into plenty of people and situations that drag us down?

You may feel like giving up, like the world will never change, says Wilcox in this song. But if we go deeper into the foundation of our reality – (as we do in meditation when we feel the ground of being) – we find a benevolent love truly is supporting us, always.

We can feel It.
We resonate with It.
We recognize It in our hearts.
We remember It, from always.

Everything is made of love.
Love is Who We Are.
Love wins.

There is no doubt.
No matter what it might look like right now, love is running the show.
Love is showing the way.

Take 3 minutes to sit down, breathe, and fully listen to this beautiful song – “Show the Way” by David Wilcox. 

And then –
let’s share more inspiring songs with each other.
Which ones bring peace into your heart?

sun shining on earth by Kevin Gill on Flickr

(Thanks to Kevin Gill of Flickr for this beautiful image.)

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