Water Plus Good Salt is the Way to Stay Juicy and Enjoy Fabulous Health 

In the “as seen on TV” section of the hardware store, we saw a plastic egg for your water glass or bottle. It beeps at you regularly to drink more water. (Oy, like we need more beeps.) Or maybe it talks? I’m not sure. The motion of the water registers with the tiny computer, so it knows when you lift and drink, I presume?

If you need a reminder gadget, get one, but please drink plenty of water.
Your body feels so much better, when you do!

• Cold weather diminishes thirst by 40% and makes us more dehydrated, which brings headaches, fatigue, itchy skin, split fingertips.
• The older we get, the more suppressed our thirst response becomes. We get dry and super dry, down to the cellular level. This definitely plays a role in making us wrinkled, stiff and sick.
• Lacking lubrication, all body processes slow down to inefficiency.
• Even subtle dehydration saps our energy and impacts our organs.
• Dry mouth is one of the last signs of the need for water. Some of the first signs are foggy thinking, fatigue, and headache, because the brain craves water. (It lives in a bath.)
• A low level of water in the circulatory system means that the pump (heart) must pump harder and faster, to move it. We don’t notice, but it’s happening. Over the decades, the tissues get drier, and the system pumps harder, raising the blood pressure.
• Dehydration is one of the root causes in many types of cancer, diabetes, asthma, depression, hypertension, insomnia, and more. (See details on how watercure helps to avoid the diseases of age.)

For all these reasons and more, water is life!

We should drink at least a gallon of water (or more) each day.
Drink half your body weight in ounces. (For me, 140 lbs. means 70 oz. of water per day).
A larger body needs even more, to hydrate all its cells.
(Plus extra water when we’re exercising, sweating – and when drinking diuretics: caffeine, soda, alcohol, parsley-juice, and such.)

I like to add high-mineral Celtic Sea Salt to my water. (“Watercure”)
I put one teaspoon into each gallon. (When traveling, I use a quarter teaspoon in my liter bottle.)
It does not taste salty. It has a soft texture.

Healthy trace-minerals salted water hydrates the tissues better than plain water. (Plain water tends to run through the body without staying where it’s needed.)

I’ve been drinking like this since 2007. It keeps my cells plumped up with plenty of fluid. It helps all my organs, especially my brain. My good blood pressure stays low and happy.
I drink a liter when I first wake up in the morning. Then sips throughout the day.

Eleven years ago when we blogged about Celtic salt in drinking water, hardly anybody was talking about it. Yet its benefits have been known since the 1990s, through the writings of  Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. (See Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.)

In the past decade, this lightly salted water has become more prevalent, and is now recommended to help avert dementia.

We know that table salt is dead, with its added chemicals, aluminum derivatives, and lack of trace minerals.
Good trace minerals are naturally found in harvested salt, such as Himalayan and Celtic Sea salt. Himalayan salt is 98% sodium chloride. Celtic salt has only 33% sodium and 51% chloride. Both contain plenty of trace minerals – vital for good health.

How do you keep up your water intake?
Have you tried lightly salted water, as above and in Watercure?

[Note – this is not “solé water” (“solay“). Nowadays, some people are using salt water as a cleanse, a flush, with solé water. Solé water is a thick brine of a large amount of Himalayan salt soaked in water. They put a teaspoon of solé water in their water bottle. (I don’t know how much salt that is, so I can’t recommend it.) Do you drink solé? Do tell us about it.]

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