How to Get more Free Scalar Energy, Chi, Prana, Divine Energy for Great Healing 

Although scalar energy always fills us and surrounds us, I am super excited to receive a free boost of it.
It feels delicious!

What is scalar energy?
It is the same thing as:
• Chi
• Prana
• Reiki
• Zero-point energy (in “empty space”)
• Orgone
• Tachyon
• Tesla fields
• Information fields
• Scalar fields
• Radiant energy
• Divine energy
• Universal energy
• Energy, light, and data that streams through our meridians and aura – and through all things everywhere (even in other dimensions).

Scalar fields (energies, frequencies) are the non-physical informational light-infused energies of all creatures and all matter.

Scalar is much different than standard electromagnetic energy, which powers our homes, buildings, and all of our gadgets.
(BTW the household appliances’ electric energy that surrounds us is 50 HZ, which equates to “apathy” on our emotional scale. That’s a good reason to get outdoors in Nature, hey?)

Scalar energy qualities:
Multi-dimensional – (Think 5D, not 3D) –
Nonlinear –
Faster than the speed of light –
Carries information and instructions –
Not affected by time nor distance –
May arise from starlight and sunlight –
Our intention guides it –
Ultimately, the Divine guides it.

Scalar energy also explains remote healing, because scalar goes beyond time and space.
It goes where it’s intended to go.
It has no limits.
It is ever abundant.
It will never, ever, dry up.
It’s raining from the sky every second. (How to see Chi)
It swirls around in a spiral.
(We can feel or see this swirling motion in many styles of energy healing.)

Despite the past 200 years of scalar-energy research by Maxwell, Hertz, Tesla, Hieronymus, and more, scientists still do not fully understand it.

Scalar energy sends out waves, yet it’s also a radiant standing-wave field.
(I think we must tap into that field, especially in remote healing. Yet we also pour it out of our hands when offering Reiki, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, etc.)

Scalar does not have the same waves as standard electromagnetic energy.

Scalar waves are like two intersecting corkscrews (a double helix, like DNA).
They carry information and instructions.
(I would say, they carry divine blueprints for health and well-being.)

We can feel this beautiful scalar energy in Prana and Chi.
We can use breath count meditations to increase it ourselves.
Sometimes we perceive this flow of Prana during group meditations.
Healing often occurs during meditation, too.
And remember, last week Dr. Peebles told us how to use the frequency of love for self-healing.

Various scalar energy products are offered these days,
from pendants that hold scalar energy to special amplifiers of scalar waves.

The computerized device SCIO uses Quantum biofeedback to balance your energy and your health. It has years of research and development behind it, plus many enthusiastic practitioners and recipients. It uses various bioenergy methods, including Rife frequencies and Scalar frequencies.

At present it’s hard to find any regulation or comparison of the effects of these various scalar offerings. Many show good testimonials. (Somehow, I doubt if all are equally good.)

When I researched it about 10 days ago, I decided to go with scientist/engineer Tom Paladino – who has done decades of research, from university onwards. He has a following of 10,000+ happy recipients. (Remarkable testimonials, including resolution of Lyme disease and other major problems. As always, the caveat that this is not a medical treatment, etc.)

At Scalar Light, Paladino offers a free 15-day Trial of his Standard Scalar Program. This is remote healing by using a picture of your face, which contains your unique scalar light signature.
The program takes a three-way approach:
dissolves pathogens,
builds nutrients,
balances energy and aligns chakras. (Why care about chakras?)

Scalar Light also offers specialized programs for addictions, minerals, hormones, fat metabolism, and more.

I signed up for the 15-day Free Trial of the standard program.
Here’s what I experienced in my first week of Scalar Light healing:

1st day – Thunderous sinus headache the entire day, which had to be detoxification from pathogens. (I rarely have headaches, and it felt like detox.) Plus a few body aches and fatigue.

2nd day – Woke up from an extra long and solid sleep. I felt mellow all day. Felt more energy and vitality throughout the day (more than just a good night’s sleep would bring). I tend to have a critical mind and resistance toward various things – I was oddly relaxed, compared to my normal pattern.

3rd day – I began to feel more connected to everything. I noticed that my intention was boosted. I mean, when I intended something, it happened easier than usual. (My spirit was communicating better with my body? This also showed up late in the day, when I got a belly ache from an aggravation. That does not usually happen, but it showed me the power of emotions affecting the body.)

4th day – Cheerfulness bubbled up for no reason.
I was starting to feel more love for everybody and more laughter.
I felt a strong shift, wherein I would “not sweat the small stuff” anymore.
(Despite my long-standing meditation habit, which helps enormously, I had not been able to achieve this attitude to the depth that I felt it now.)

5th day – Contentment! Still seeing the broad view, the aerial view, where the usual troubles do not matter. I had a new ache around my eyes, around my sinuses, which I felt was the next round of releasing decades-old anger. I think I’m learning to relax my critical eyes.

6th day – Happy for no reason. Kind-hearted, more so than ever. No discomforts at all.
True forgiveness of old baggage. Much smoother interaction with the difficult person in my life. Hugs.

7th day – Itchy ankles, related to old recurring mild psoriasis. I think it’s clearing out. Definitely more physical energy now, and stronger daily exercise. My “brain game” scores are rising slightly.

8th day – Woke up in contentment and continued my whole day with a very strong “can-do” attitude. It feels so good to feel good. I feel like I’m coming out of the doldrums from these past few years of worldwide inertia.

This new level of ease, contentment, and brightness has been with me all week.
Most Scalar Light recipients report more vitality, better health, less inflammation, deeper sleep, calm, alert, and “happy for no reason.”
Yes, I would agree with all of that.

So – if you are an energy fan, as I am – check out the 15-day free trial program. (They don’t even take your credit card or anything – just your email and your photo.)

I think, after 15 days of lightening up, a person might train themselves into this new mode of being.
Or they might want to enjoy more support as time goes by.

What do you think of scalar energy/ tachyon energy/ divine energy?
Have you tried any remote healing?

I have done – both giving and receiving remote sessions of Reiki and Biofield Tuning. I’m always charmed by how well they work.

(I feel blessed to serve as a pipeline for divine energy. Years ago my master energy healing teacher saw extra tachyon meridians in my arms. I did not fully appreciate what that meant, until now.)

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