Bigfoot is Shy, Kind, Strong and Gentle, and Alive underground, says Peebles

Have you ever wondered about Bigfoot, as I have?
After all, they have been sighted in every part of the world, on every continent (and many islands), especially in forested areas.

(A friend of a friend in Northern Arizona swears he has visited a Bigfoot family in the woods, regularly.)

On YouTube, author Lloyd Pye examines in detail the bone structure and skeletal differences between humans, apes, and Bigfoot hominoids. He analyzes Bigfoot fake footprints and real footprints, discerning their authenticity by shape, depth, and pressure pattern.
He brings up the history of a female Bigfoot named Zana, captured in 1850s Russia and enslaved by a village there, for the remaining decades of her life.
Eyewitnesses verified the story, many decades after her death.

I think Bigfoot people do exist.

Recently Dr Peebles gave us his perspective on Bigfoot (Q&A session Sept 5, 2022).

Question: Dr. Peebles, can you please share with us about the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. Who are they, and why are they here on planet Earth?

Well goodness gracious, why not?
Why wouldn’t they be?
They’re here upon the planet Earth to learn, just like you are learning, God bless you indeed.

They do live down in the center of the Earth, and they do have a tendency as well to be able to be interdimensional beings.
They go from one place to another with great ease, because they don’t see obstacles, really. Nothing’s difficult for them. They don’t see difficulties in life or anything.

They’re more attuned with the general animal kingdom outside of human beings, in terms of their ability to understand that there is more to the world than meets the eye.

So they are quite more open minded, more willing to surrender, more interested in exploring the Earth.
They really don’t have any particular thing they want to accomplish, necessarily, other than they just have this joy of living.

And they are certainly emotional beings, quite emotional.
They do not understand the insensitivity of humankind. And that is the one area that bothers them.

And that is why they live in the Earth, because they prefer not to be around human beings, because human beings have a tendency to either be afraid of them or want to kill them or want to capture them and put them in cages or whatever it might be.

They don’t understand that sort of behavior. They’d be more than happy to interact peacefully with you.
They are extremely large, beautiful, gentle giants, is what they are, and they’re very, very loving – very, very caring.

They are also great healers.
You can oftentimes, if you have a certain situation and if you can really trust and feel the love of these creatures, you can ask for their assistance in your healing. And they will send you the energy that you require to heal yourselves.

They love to heal because it is just their nature. It’s almost as if, shall we say, there’s no “off” switch for the energy that they are generating all the time, which is absolutely beautiful pure love.

But they are a little timid; they are a little fearful, most of all, of human beings.

Oh, they love candy, though. You can put candy out for them. They love candy.
They love their sweets, yeah?
They think that’s one of the greatest inventions of human beings.

        – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon on September 5, 2022

This Q&A session of Sept 5, 2022 is filled with captivating topics – you’ll love it.

Years ago in a private session, Dr. Peebles told me there are many species of beings living inside the earth. Of course, less oxygen is available down there (we’d need special equipment to explore it).
He also said there are luminous plants giving off light (similar to deep in the ocean), so gardens can thrive. And it’s much more peaceful down inside the earth, compared to our human areas on the surface of the planet.

What do you think about Bigfoot?
Have you ever met one?
Do you live in a forest?

Please comment below.

Bigfoot shopping Flickr by m01229

(Thanks to m01229 on Flickr and to the unknown sculptor for this great Bigfoot sculpture.)

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