Use Sweet Yearning Love to Reach a Spirit or Anyone, says Peebles 

People around the world celebrate the dead and talk with their departed loved ones, especially in seasons like this one, when the veil is thin. (See festivals around the world.)

Zhongyuan Festival in China, Bon Festival in Japan, All Souls Day and All Saints Day all over the Christian world, Gaijatra in Nepal, Chuseok in North and South Korea, Pchum Ben in Cambodia, Day of the Dead in Mexico,  Halloween and Allhallowtide in North America and much of the Christian world, Samhain (“Sowin”) in Ireland – these are some of the celebrations prompting contact with departed souls and ancestors.

In Western cultures, the boundary between our world and the next world is thought to be extra permeable from October 31st to November 2nd.
But of course we can connect anytime we wish to do so.

Dr. Peebles recently shared a great tip (on Summer Bacon’s Sept. 5th mp3) about how to raise our vibration enough to talk with spirits.
He says to go into your sense of yearning, with great love.

Question: How do people raise their vibration to talk to spirit?

Through yearning, through love.
For example, let us say that you’re sitting, you’re listening to our voice, and you think about somebody that you love. Let us even say it’s somebody that you wanted to have in your life – even an old boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever.
And you say, “Oh, I wish I could have been with them.” And you think about them. And you yearn for them. And you feel that love for them.
There is an aching and a longing there, isn’t there? “I just want to be with them.”

Even a child, you might think about a child. “I want to see my children, they moved away. I love them so much.”

You’re raising that vibrational frequency.
If you do that often, for example, you think about your children. You say, “I love them so much. Oh, my dear children, I love you, love you, love you.”
Don’t be surprised if they suddenly call you, out of the blue.
“Hey, I haven’t talked to in a while. I miss you, I love you, I’ve been thinking about you so much.”
Well, because they’re feeling your love. They are feeling you reach out.

And it’s the same sort of thing when you are praying and pondering God and Spirit. And then saying, “Dr. Peebles, I love you so very much, where are you?”
Well, come hither, find me, you see? Seek me with love in your heart.
And I assure you that we will find ways in which we can communicate with you, yah? God bless you indeed.

                 – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, September 5, 2022

So? Here’s what I did to connect with my loved one in spirit:

  1. I planned a date with my mom and suggested it to her out loud, to plan ahead. (She has plenty of activities on her calendar, Dr. P has told me before.)
  2. I light a candle to set the mood and the focus.
  3. Remind her out loud that we’re meeting up.
  4. I let go of all outside concerns.
  5. Slow exhalations turn on the relaxation hormones.
  6. Place my attention in my heart.
  7. Gaze at her photo.
  8. Bring in the sense of yearning (yearning to connect with her, but also using any memory of yearning)
  9. Call out her full name aloud to connect (and continue speaking aloud to converse).
  10. Trust any and all impressions that arise. (Even if you think you’re making it up, just go with it, entertain it, let it be what it is.)

After the session, the impressions continue to gently massage my heart and mind. Some resonate strongly, but some may not. I hold onto whatever feels like truth, for me.

This time I could almost hear her voice in my head, replying to my questions.
You might wonder if it was my own head, talking.
But I would say, the more we go neutral and passive, without any agenda, the clearer we can receive.
I don’t claim perfect accuracy, but I do feel like I enjoyed a real visit with Mom.

Oh – and if you’re wondering why I recommend speaking aloud, it’s because long ago Dr. P. told me, when you talk aloud, it’s “like a loudspeaker to the universe. Everybody can hear you.” But if you speak silently in your head, “it’s like putting a note on the refrigerator, hoping someone will see it.”

I’m sure silent prayers are heard, but if you’re trying to contact somebody, the voice works better.
All worlds are made of vibration – and the voice is a vibration that travels into all worlds.
That’s my take on it.

How do you connect with a spirit?
Please share your thoughts here.

And don’t miss the fascinating Dr. Peebles Sept. 5 Q&A session – so many great topics!!

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