Oct. 22 Move from Head to Heart Now, for Peace and Joy

Buzz alarm, wake up, wash up, spruce up, zoom out to the job. Zip around the traffic or plod along. Start the workday, pile it on, pressures, deadlines, criticisms. Never enough time. Demand a lunch break. Frantic, sluggish, overwhelmed. Drag the butt home. Clean house, mow the lawn. Start over.

Yeah, what about this old push-push thing we’ve been doing for ages?
Pushing ourselves to be better, faster, higher on whatever scale we see.
Pushing the competition away.
Pushing against everything and everybody we don’t like.
(Tempers flare, this election season.)

(Dear God, please relax everybody who’s making trouble in the world. And one of them is me.)

We run around listening to our head, listening to the culture, the media, and everybody who tells us what we should-ought-must do.
We listen to the repetitive patterns in our own head, our own agendas.

Many people reach their dying day and say, “I should have eaten more ice cream.”
I should have done what really mattered.
I would look at what I love (and not worry about the rest of it).
I would do the things I love.
I would spend more time with the people I love.
I wouldn’t get stuck in my head.

For ages now, our inner home has been the head.
We think the head is who-we-are.
I am my head.
But the head makes a crazy life.

Now, on this planet, our self-awareness is evolving to rest in the heart.

I’ve been feeling the pressure of this change.
Have you been feeling it?

I have been restless and indecisive. A little lost.
Part of me wants to release old ways of being. But they are subtle and ingrained. They’ve been jammed in my head for sooo long.
I do want to let go of old patterns (all that should-ought-must).

I want to drop the “dog eat dog” old-world theme and move into the new age, where all the dogs get along just fine.

Part of me knows how to do that.
The heart knows how to do that.
In the heart, all the dogs get along already. They like each other.

The heart holds wisdom of its own.
The heart calms down the head.

The heart sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.
The heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the body – beautiful energy designed to connect with others.

We have been disconnected from our own heart and from each other for way too long.
(Not just 3 years, but 3,000+ years.)

How to return to our heart?
We need suggestions here – what do you think?

Do what you love, and love what you do.
Spend time in Nature.
Feed your soul with joyful moments.
Self-care nurturing.
Gratitude brings happiness.
Let go into peace (meditation).

I have been breathing into the front of my chest, breathing into my heart (as suggested by HeartMath).

I return my attention to my heart and make it the center of my being.
I want to put my Self in my heart.
Be in my heart, instead of in my head.

Family, friends, relationships – and helping each other – connects our hearts.

It’s no coincidence that the heart is the meeting place for Heaven and Earth.

As it happens, tomorrow October 22, we have an astrological “Venus Star Point in Libra.” Venus is lined up exactly with the Sun on this day (happens once a year or so, but in different zodiac signs).

It has extra love power now, in its home sign of Libra.
The most recent occurrence of “Venus Star Point in Libra” was 150 years ago.

Both Libra and its ruler Venus radiate love. Double love, this weekend.
Add the power of the Sun, and we can easily become more centered on our hearts, right now.

Inhale that love and light, deep into the chest!

Do let me know how you’re coming along … ?

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    Well said. Indeed, we ought to hear the heart more often.


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