Thirsty No More, Dear Fish – How to Easily Open Your Crown to Love and Light 

We humans are thirsty fish, swimming hard, hauling empty canteens in search of water.

Being human, we keep forgetting: divine connection is constantly available. It is the water all around us. All that sweet water fills us when we notice and invite it in.

But maybe we tend to swim against the current, by ourselves, running our own life, rejecting or ignoring any higher power.
We shield ourselves. Then higher energy can’t reach us. Because we don’t want It to.

I don’t want to debate theology here.
I just want to say that it does make a difference whether your crown chakra is open and available to receive, or is shielded and shut down.

An energy healing practitioner can easily tell if your crown is flowing or not.
Ideally, for your best health and your most vibrant life, that current will be open and receiving from the universe.

If you get quiet and listen inside, you can also assess your crown (at the top of your head).
Down deep, do you feel you are alone and independent, handling the full burdens of life on your own shoulders?
Is everything mostly up to you, and you alone?
If you want something done right, you gotta do it – and yes, you do a great job.
You’ve got it nailed down.
Does the Universe ever take care of you, even in small ways?

This boils down to whether or not you feel connected to Something beyond yourself.
Something that can and will support you, whenever you ask.
Something that loves you effortlessly.
(It does not have to carry the name the minister called It when you were 5 years old. Call It Source, Jane, whatever you like. It is boundless, limitless, eternally abundant.)

The more you invite It in, the more you feel It.
The more you feel Its support and benevolence, the more you trust It.
The more you trust It, the more It flows in, bringing sweet water into your life.
(Bringing fun synchronicities.)

Open Crown Meditation:

For this moment, you might like to relax, let go, and breathe.
Breathe deep into the belly.
Just notice your body.
Notice your body sensations melting and relaxing.

Now breathe in from above your head, down to your tailbone.
Thank you.
Inhale down your spine again.
Feel, sense, and imagine the flow down your central channel.
Another breath …

Place your attention at the top of your head, in the center.
Remember the soft spot on a baby’s head?
That’s your spot.
Energetically, it is still there.
It can be as open as you like.
Breathe, relax, and appreciate this place, your crown.
Send your love to this spot.
Send your gratitude.

What does it feel like to you?
What sensations do you feel there?
How wide is the area?
Whatever you feel is just right for you. Simply notice.
Let your imagination play with this.
Feel, sense, and imagine it.

Now see an energy cone or funnel on top of your head.
This funnel receives and brings in beautiful energy to your whole system.
It floods into your neural network.
Into every cell of your body.

It flows in and brightens up every tiny place within you.
Breathe down your spine …
More and more light pours into your cells.
The more you invite it, the more you feel it.

Bask in this energy.
Take your time, before you return.

If this open crown meditation resonates with you, play around with it from time to time.
Explore it.
Because life is so much more full, more balanced, when the crown is flowing, openly receiving universal light, love, and connection.

What do you feel about all this?
Please comment below.

(BTW I’m back to hosting free meditations at the Fountain Hills Library, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 5:00 p.m., a half-hour relaxing meetup. Message me, or just come on over.)

Kabir Das (1398–1518) was an Indian mystic poet and saint who wrote this fun poem (and inspired my drawing below).


by Kabir Das

It makes me laugh to think
That a fish in the water
Thirsts for a drink.

From forest to forest he sadly roams
In search of a jewel
Lying at home.

It makes me laugh to think
A musk-deer is seeking
The very fragrance
Which emanates from him.

Without knowledge of the Self
What use O pilgrim,
At Mathura or Kasi
To go looking for him?

It makes me laugh to think
That a fish in the water
Can thirst for a drink.


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12-13 thirsty fish closeup 96 dpi

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