How to Drop Long Haul Fatigue, Weakness, Mucus, Nausea  – and Feel Better

“Still not feeling as good as I should …”  Readers have asked how to deal with lingering symptoms after having C0V1D or vacc1nes.
The best advice comes from the front-line doctors (follow the links above). Their recommendations are somewhat similar for both conditions.

One of their many suggestions is daily fasting (a beginner limits food to 11-hour window each day). Fasting removes old damaged proteins as well as sp1ke proteins. (Learn more at the above links.)
1vermect1n is advised for both conditions. (It works quite well, all around the world.)

My friends and relatives want a “quick fix” to feel better, so I’d like to offer the following, according to what worked for me. (Every body is unique. This won’t address symptoms involving heart, brain, etc. – go to the front-line docs for that.)

Personally, I had fatigue, weakness, and intermittent nausea. Underlying inflammation.
I discovered I had histamine intolerance (HIT), which is true for most long-haul people. (Some with HIT have extra congestion and mucus.) 

Histamine Intolerance is part of Mast Cell Activation syndrome.
Basically the mast cells (found throughout the body) go a bit crazy, producing a lot more chemicals and histamine, which makes a person feel sick.
In order to process all the extra histamine, you need plenty of Quercetin and DAO (explained more fully here).
These are all naturally occurring enzymes and chemicals.

Histamine is found in virtually all foods. Plus, your body produces it.
Your body needs histamine for tons of purposes at the cellular level.
We can’t turn it off, but we can calm it down.

Let’s calm down and come into alignment again.

AVOID histamine inducing food and drink:

  • Vinegar – hidden in condiments, canned and processed foods
  • Processed or smoked meats such as bacon, sausage, salami, deli meats
  • Blue cheese, aged cheese, grated cheese (all old cheese)
  • All fermented foods including kimchi, sauerkraut, soy sauce
  • Anchovies
  • Frozen fish
  • Alcohol, black tea, green tea (which block DAO)
  • spicy foods – cayenne, curry, cinnamon (many people feel affected by these)
  • (The official list is much longer, but this short list should help a lot.)

FRESH and freshly prepared foods are best.

Leftovers gather more histamine after 24 hours, so freeze leftovers instead of refrigerating them.

Eat the long haul diet:

  • fresh vegetables (but not eggplant, spinach, avocados, tomatoes – especially not tomato juice or tomato sauce – all are high in histamine)
  • good choices are onions, red onions, kale, broccoli, blueberries, apples (all high in Quercetin)
  • fresh meat cooked almost as soon as you buy it (or as soon as thawed)
  • almond milk instead of cow dairy
  • rice and quinoa (instead of wheat products and gluten)
  • use olive oil liberally (increases DAO)

Supplements to reduce long haul, histamine, and mast cell activation:
(Don’t take all of these, but try whatever resonates with you, and see how it goes. Most are from the “front-line” advice. Some are from my naturopath.)

Omega-3 fish oil, 4 gm per day (flaxseed oil might be an option)
Quercetin (but precautions with hypothyroid or kidney disease)
Quercetin with Bromelain (this combo works best)
Vitamin C
Vitamin D and K together (hopefully in the same supplement)
Turmeric 500 mg twice a day (a.k.a. Curcumin – removes inflammation)
Magnesium 500 mg (vital for many cellular processes – if loose stools, reduce dose)
Melatonin (2 to 6 mg at bedtime – enhances sleep but also is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and helps your mitochondria produce more energy overall)

Rosemary Supreme (reduces inflammation in the blood vessels and all over the body)
Reishi Supreme (calms down mast cell activation)
Moducare (plant sterols that restore and balance the immune system)

Claritin or a 24-hour antihistamine can block symptoms, but that does not fix the underlying mast cell problem. (Months/years on Claritin would be hard on your body.)

Are these lists too long to be a quick fix?
Well, it’s a complicated situation (and full recovery has taken me a looong time, myself).

Some people don’t want to limit their foods in order to feel good again.
If you have a stubborn friend, maybe they could try staying away from vinegar, and see if they feel better? (It’s an idea. Might help, might not.)

Ideally, one would consult a naturopathic doctor to reach full recovery.
But not everybody can do that.

Keep in mind, the body is always changing and adapting, and you can feel better again!

Chill out – stress impacts our health every day. Do something relaxing every day.

Maybe you’ll feel a difference after a few changes.
(Rosemary Supreme was my first quick fix in 2020 – felt better in 2 days – yet full recovery took a lot longer. Each body is unique and may react with more or less improvement. My body also likes Reishi and Moducare.)

Yes, it’s a project. But you’re worth it.

I love to feel really good in my body.
For me, it’s not a big deal to change my diet and eat simple fresh bland food for a few weeks. Or months.
When I get strong and energized (as I do!), then all the effort is absolutely worth it.
It is more than worth it.

How goes your recovery journey?
Please comment below.

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