Try This Delightful Rebirth in Mother Earth – a Yummy Journey

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Now we have a fresh guided journey for you.
Drink a glass of water, kick back, and enjoy.
(Listen to an audio version of this on Sound Cloud.)

Take a breath, deep into your belly.
On the exhale, melt.
Melt like a balloon that has been too tight for too long.
Take another full breath.
You may want to sigh as you exhale.
Let go. Sigh it out.

Go loose and limp.
Release the tension you’ve carried, for years.

Take a moment to massage your ears.
Squeeze and pull on your ears.
Rub all around the rims.
Tug the earlobes.
The ears have 200 acupressure points, to open and balance your energy.

Exhale and melt.
Get heavy to the Earth.
Sink down into the Earth.
Mother Earth cares about you. She supports you in every way. She loves you.

Imagine your feet sinking into soft soil.
Sink into the richness of Mother Earth.
Imagine tendrils growing from the bottoms of your feet.
Send these roots down through the soil, and the clay, and the rocks, down deep into the strength of the Earth.

Imagine your personal grounding cord, brilliant gold, running from your tailbone down through all those layers of dirt, clay, minerals, rocks, and bedrock.
Anchor your golden cord into the center of the Earth, in a zone of giant crystals. This crystalline field radiates luminous energy. You are connected to it.

Now imagine that your every problem, every anxiety, every regret, every old guilt and shame, everything that angered you, every injustice, every fear, every horror, every grudge, every resentment, every trauma, every concern about your safety – imagine that all of these are dripping out of you.

They are magnetically drawn out of you.
They flow into tiny rivers, away from you.
They’re dripping into the ground to be composted.

All those traumas and emotional charges that used to cling to you so tightly – they fall away now.
Because it’s time.
Because you’ve had enough of them.
Because you won’t let those traumas define who you are, anymore.

They float down into compost.
Earth is happy to recycle the burdens, the negative energies. She recycles them back into pure basic energy, to fill many purposes.

Breathe and allow this to happen.

All the painful stories you’ve told and retold about your life – loosen your grasp on them.
You will not forget them, but you can loosen up the pain of them.
Holding onto the pain is like drinking poison.
There’s no need to drink it anymore.

Breathe, and let the garbage pour out of you.
It is finished with you, and you’re finished with it.

Your grounding cord is anchored in the crystalline field, a place of iridescent color and brilliance.
This beautiful energy rises up through your cord, into your central channel, and into your spine.
It spreads from there into your cellular matrix, into every cell of your body.


Feel, sense, and imagine Mother Earth’s love and light flowing into you.

Notice how soft and welcoming Mother Earth is to you, personally.
She does love you. It’s true.

Feel how She embraces you.
She surrounds you and holds you in the most delicious comforter blanket, ever.
You are drifting into your own cushy capsule, safe and sound.

You’re gliding deeper – deeper into the heart of Mother Earth.

She is filled with love for you.

At this time in history, Mother Earth is renewing herself.
And She is also renewing you.
Her love surrounds you and permeates you.

Sink into the softness of your own capsule, the place She has made for you.
It feels so luscious, gentle, smooth –
perfectly restoring you in every way.

Breathe, and bask in Her love.

Mother Earth is on Her journey of rebirth and renewal.
And so are you.
When you need rest, take rest.
When you need nourishment, take it.
Follow your heart in everything.
There’s nothing you need to do.

Just allow Mother Earth to hold you in Her arms.

Within this great comfort, you may feel a rhythm, a deep rhythm like a heartbeat.

Mother Earth’s heartbeat is strong and soothing.
You are in Her womb.
Listen to Her rhythm.

Every beat of Her heart refreshes your mind, body, and spirit.

Crystalline energy flows into you, flooding your cells with love and light.
Sweetness fills your heart.

This is a juicy wavelength.
It makes you feel so good inside.
So peaceful.
Your old troubles are not worth the distraction.

You’re in the sweet zone of deep relaxation and love.

You are naturally at home here.
Because you are made of love.

Deep within, Love is Who you really are.

Our strongest desire is to stay in the embrace of this love and this peace.

Mother Earth shows us how to do this. Right now.
Allow Her to teach you,
to teach you deeply in your own cells,
in your own heart.

(Listen to the audio version – Sound Cloud Rebirth in Mother Earth.)

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