Gain Constant Calm Comfort Inside Your Heart, with This Fun Little Book

Imagine feeling fine inside, no matter what stresses you.
Imagine feeling calm, no matter what hits the fan.
Imagine feeling relaxed when everyone around you is frantic. (Often for “good reasons,” but is any reason “good enough” to sacrifice our well-being?)

Change those imaginings into solid reality with Calm Comfort Meditations.

I used to walk into my nurse job in ICU, on guard for the bullets that whizzed around. I kept my shoulders up around my ears to protect myself. (Ouch – my poor tight muscles!)
Anything could go wrong at any time, and often did.
We had to foresee it, fend it off, and fix it.
(That sounds like the current condition of our world. Is it crazy, or what?)
My high stress thundered all around me, for years.

Finally I saw a suggestion to meditate for 1 minute a day.
In the dark of the morning, before my hospital shift, when the house was still quiet, I sat in a soft chair and focused on my breath for one minute.
I watched the breath go in and go out.
I tuned into the way it felt to inhale, then hold, then exhale, then hold.
It relaxed me.

What’s more, within a week or so, I felt sublime peace at the end of exhalation.
This was a sip of bliss.
This was a magical surprise.

I asked myself, was it really there? Was I imagining it?
I approached my minute scientifically because I wanted to know what was going on.
It was still there.
Every time I let go.
Every time I released my air.
Every time I went empty.
Sweet bliss in my heart for a few seconds, every time.
I touched a yummy field of peace.
It was palpable. It was real.

I became more and more convinced of the real field of peace that underlies everything all the time.

This became my new bottom line, my new Reality: unshakeable Peace is running everything on the planet, underneath it all.

Now, as I worked ICU, I could sometimes take a breath and feel that peace in my heart.
It was still there, even with all the disturbances.
It was dependable.
It was real.
It was more real than the flying bullets.

Now, my one minute in the morning tasted so delicious, I would drift for maybe five minutes, without knowing it. The amount of time grew naturally to ten minutes.
I was touching a timeless Place inside, beyond my workaday world.
But that Place supported my workaday world.
This became more and more obvious to me, as days, months, and years passed.

I didn’t know that peace was living inside of me until my coworkers began to comment on it.
I was carrying a calm vibe, they said.
They wanted to work alongside me, because when they did, they had a good day. Even when we faced tragedy, we faced it with grace.

I don’t know what to tell you.
This simple practice changed my life.
In time, I became more unflappable, less likely to flap around or panic.

If I did it, anybody can.
Meditation is known to reduce pain, stress, high blood pressure, muscle tension. It boosts the immune system and eases auto-immune issues. It raises serotonin, the happiness hormone. It provides better healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
And it doesn’t take a big chunk of time!

How has meditation changed you? Please chime in and let us know.

I don’t know if everyone would taste peace at the end of exhalation.
Some people tell me their delicious feeling is when they inhale.
Try it and see.

About two decades later now, I’m sharing Calm Comfort Meditations with whomever wants to drop stress.
Calm Comfort Meditations was named one of the Best Books of the Year (2022) by the venerable Next Generation Indie Book Awards (world’s largest competition for independent authors). The expert judges chose it to be a Finalist in the Mind Body Spirit category.

This book has everything, from an “instant” one-minute meditation, to expanding the heart, to bright imagery guided meditations, to breath routines, to strengthening your Inner Observer, to toning your chakras, to self-healing methods.
It’s an easy read for beginners, and it also has offerings for seasoned meditators.

The eBook is only $1.99, for so much love and light.
(The paperback is made of paper, so Amazon won’t let it go cheap, but it’s only $6.99.)

My dear friends, please, after downloading the book,
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This is a vital part of the journey, because if people don’t rate it, then nobody looks at it.
It gets lost.
We don’t want that to happen.
We want to spread comfort everywhere.
We want to “be the peace we wish to see in the world,” as Martin Luther King Jr. said.

We’re depending on you.
These are difficult years, with more on the way.
Please rate the book to help spread the word and ease us into calm, not chaos.

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.
I’m always excited to hear from you.
(If you happen to write a book review sentence, positive or negative, I will eagerly read it.)

I send my deepest gratitude to everybody who has supported this book already, and rated it, and responded to my efforts, both for the book and for this blog, which I run every week of the year. For fun!
We need more fun, always.

“Find some fun and feed your soul” – that’s one of my mottos.
What’s yours?

Sending Hugs,

Get Calm Comfort Meditations – you’ll be glad you did!

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THANK YOU, from the Bottom of my Heart!


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