Look Inside for the Vast and Wondrous Adventure of Love, says Dr. Peebles

Hey, did you hear the latest from Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles?

Dr. Peebles Speaks July 29th 2022 is available now!

Everything that happens in your life happens inside first, and is then expressed in the world. You make a decision internally …     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 29, 2022

Here is a lovely long excerpt from this July 29 mp3.

Dig deep inside, my dear friends, for the love in your heart.
For a moment here, just simply close your eyes and look for the love that you are.
“What? Where? Dr. Peebles, what are you saying here? I have no idea what that means.”

Close your eyes.
Relax. release, surrender.
And dig deep.
I can’t tell you where it is inside of you, but it’s there.
You might see it as a little kernel deep inside of you. A little kernel of love – self-love.
Did you know that self-love means that you love God as well?
Because you are that which you are seeking.

Look inside of yourself, my dear friends. Work at it a little bit. It’s all right. It takes focus, perhaps. You don’t have that very good focus right now.

Make it your priority to find that love within your heart, within your solar plexus, within your big toe, within the arch of your foot, maybe under your armpit.
Yes, my dear friends, it is there everywhere. There is love within all things, all creatures, all creation.

You don’t really have to conjure it up, once you understand it’s already there. You just have to identify it, be with it, and it begins to expand.
Because it’s not only there inside of you, it’s within everything, my dear friends.
That love grows larger and larger and larger, still.

It extends into the room around you or the trees where you are sitting in the forest. Wherever it might be that your body is right now, in which you are residing.
That love is within you and within everything around you.
It’s even there if you are in a smoggy city. It’s in that dirty air. It is even within that can of trash that you might smell that you should have taken out yesterday, you say. It’s there.

It’s all love at work.
All a big dance.
Love working to be expressed through everything and everyone, in a wide diverse variety of ways.
As that love expands organically through you, without you having to try anymore, realize that it is connected to all of life.

That means that which you cannot see, as well as that which you can.
It is connected to us, my dear friends, to your guardian angels, to your parents and friends and others on the other side, your animals, your pets, who might have left their bodies recently or many decades ago.

You are connected to everything.
Never separate from any of it.
And you have this incredible ability to feel that deep connection without having to move your fanny off your chair.

You do it through love, through the energy of love.
Because that is what you’re made of.
You’re not just in this body.
You are everywhere within everything.
Whether you are aware of it or not.
You are within the tree outside of your house.
Can you feel that?
You are within your puppy dog or your kitty cat sitting next to you, whilst you are feeling the love.

Now, if you can understand this and employ it – for example if your kitty cat isn’t feeling well today – you can expand your consciousness to the awareness that you are within that kitty cat.
And just simply be inside of the kitty cat as an observer of what’s going on there.
“Oh, I see they’ve got a little blockage there in their tummy. And I can see that if I just take my two fingers, and I massage it a little bit, I can loosen it up for them.”

You can learn about things, about other beings, about creatures and plants, the oceans, the creatures down in the depths of the oceans, by simply being willing to take your consciousness and put it there.

And you can, because you are interconnected.
You are within everything.
Everything is within you.

                                               – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 29, 2022

Peebles then leads us into getting acquainted with our personal Guides, and much more.

Summer shares the following scoop about this recording:

Life is a dance, and it’s all about relationships!

  • This is a “relationship planet”
  • Learn how to live life as a demonstration to others of how life can be lived
  • You cannot change someone’s mind for them
  • Learning through the contrasts of the world
  • There are no limitations; no true barriers, borders or boundaries
  • Learn how to use your consciousness to communicate with your pets, things, people around you
  • If the planet earth blew up…
  • Learning to love the unlovable
  • Why life is so difficult for some, and easy for others
  • Forced compliance with the government, and why it won’t work
  • Every person needs a different environment in which to grow
  • You cannot be upon the earth, or take a single breath without having love within you
  • Digging deep for love
  • Peebles takes us on a journey into the unlimited universe where the possibilities are endless
  • Meet your guides; learn how to let them speak through you
  • And more!

In listening to Dr. Peebles, I get so much inspiration and insight.
The learning never ends, as he says.

Many Thanks to Summer Bacon for this wonderful July 29th mp3 – don’t miss it!

If you’ve listened to it, tell us your favorite part in the comments below.

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(Image of Dr. James Martin Peebles in his prime.)

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