No Matter How Crazy Life Is Now, It Is Getting Better, says Peebles

These crazy times are pushing us through the wringer, right? (My grandma’s wringer smashed fingers, arms, everything it could snag and flatten.)
Dr. Peebles brings us fresh appreciation for ourselves and our planet, just the way it is right now.
He brings us a peaceful heart and a love of life on this planet Earth and “all the pleasures treasures and wonders within it.”

On Summer Bacon’s July 12th recording, Dr. Peebles says:
This is a time when more and more of us are speaking our truth and “letting it jostle whom it may.” This is a positive and growthful attitude. It’s time to reveal who we really are, to stand in our authenticity and truth of what we feel, as a unique individual on the planet.

Everybody is speaking their truth, more than ever before. Although this leads to battles right now, eventually we will relax and let people be who they are, without pushing against them.
What a blessing that will be for this planet.

He reminds us that even though people are using many approaches to try to live forever on the earth, there’s no sense in that, because we already live forever as spirits.

He reminds us that every human is searching for learning and balance, trying to see the face of God in themselves. Even dark and violent actions are part of this learning process.

He reminds us (as he has done before) that these random violent gunmen are also in a learning process, and that sometimes these tragic events are playing out old karma.
“Eventually these individuals do learn their lesson” and
“They come over here and we educate them about what they’ve done and how they’ve gone about their business, and we suggest kindly that they go back to the planet earth and then give it a try again.”

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Peebles Speaks July 12, 2022

… in the next couple of years – some of the so-called world leaders and such will be perishing, and they will be coming over here, being counseled, etc.

They will reincarnate. They will come back to the earth and they will strive to rectify what they have done upon the planet Earth, in controlling people, killing people en masse, etc. And they will strive to even out the playing field, so to speak, in terms of their heart and the way in which they have engaged with the world. They want to become more compassionate. They will be bringing more compassion to the world.

So there’s going to be in the next several years an influx of individuals, young people who will come to the planet Earth, and they will be giving of their hearts and their work and their beautiful loving spirit to the world. They’re going to want to get started young.

More and more children creating corporations and such. Coming in with an unusual intellect, wherein they will say, “I don’t really need to go to school here [Earth School]. What I want to do is, I want to share what’s in my heart, because I know that it is what is in the heart that works.”

And that, my dear friends, is a great salvation for your planet Earth.
There will be a changing of the guards, shall we say.

These will be individuals who are going to be very kind and compassionate, good Samaritans, who will be more than willing to help a stranger and set aside their needs for accumulating power and wealth, etc. They will have it by default, because of the way in which they will be engaging with the world, but they won’t care about it. They will just want to shovel it back into the world and generate even more good energy upon the planet Earth, and more and more love.

So eventually all of this chaos is going to calm down, even out.
People will start to engage with each other, become more community-minded, more community engaged, shall we say. Looking towards the things that are immediately in their life, knowing that it is time now to first and foremost take care of family. And to put your efforts there. To become more loving within family relationships and such.

And putting your energy into your immediate world, inside of your own home, being kinder, gentler even with your own pets.
Kinder and gentler with your family members.
Kinder and gentler with your friends.

Then you start to spiral out into the world.
Kinder and gentler and more honest and caring of every human being that you meet during the day. Whether it is a store clerk or somebody at the gas station that you say hello to.
These are beautiful relationships that have magnificent energy within them.

And your engagement with life around you in your immediate world really does matter.
It has a tremendous amount of power.

That is where you start to say, “You know something, I’m gonna bring the roots back a little closer to the center of the tree, so that I can use that energy in my life. In my more immediate moment here, in my life, in my house, with my family, etc.”

You will discover, my dear friends, if you do it in this fashion, you will start to even out the energy of your life. You won’t have so many scuffles. You won’t have so much contentious behavior around you, because you’ll be working upon nurturing that which is around you here and now.
The breath which you breathe in this given moment, for example …

– Dr Peebles through Summer Bacon on July 12, 2022

Next he goes into a wonderful meditative moment for us, speaking about the beauty of the breath, how it energizes and changes us, how the breath spreads energies in the world.
The breath unites us with everything and everybody.
We are One.

This Peebles message really cheered me up, and it may do the same for you.
Get it here.

A word about the “roots of the tree” metaphor.
Years ago he told me, “Don’t let the roots get too far from the tree.”
Instead of dissipating my energy with concerns far outside of me, I should bring my attention back to my immediate life, to my self-nurturing and learning.
He said this was an important lesson on how to live a human life.

[Tangent – I often ponder what exactly we are learning on this plane (besides peace and love). In the next plane, the astral world, we have instant gratification of everything we want. I imagine that could be immensely distracting and dissipating, with tons of random desires to fulfill. Our personal energy would scatter far and wide, and we might not be able to focus on anything for very long.
Could it be that human life trains us to focus our attention, trains us to gather our energy for what matters most?
We are learning how to manage ourselves.
We are learning how to be.
“Remember, you’re a human being, not a human doing.” – Dr Peebles
I’ll bet even on the astral plane, they are reminding each other: “Don’t let the roots get too far from the tree.”
What do you think?]

More info about this mp3 from Summer Bacon:

Another uplifting and insightful pep talk from Dr. Peebles, as he speaks about:

  • Things that are hidden are now being revealed; people are more vocal, (and “sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut”)
  • Honoring all perspectives, starting with yourself
  • You will live forever
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Mass shooters, and why everything is in right order
  • How to be a good listener
  • Why it’s more important than ever to focus on family first
  • Why people reincarnate
  • Everyone (absolutely everyone) is loved by God
  • Why you are here upon this school called planet earth
  • What will happen to world leaders (who have done heinous things in their lifetime) when they die
  • The arrival of Good Samaritans: upcoming influx of highly intelligent young people with loving plans to change the world
  • All creatures great and small contain God within
  • Creatures of the deep ocean we have yet to discover
  • How to stay in compassion for everyone and everyone (plus, a powerful way to pray for them)
  • The miracle of breathing
  • It’s okay to be happy
  • And more!

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