My Great Love for My Fabulous Father’s Special Kind of Magic

In a season when our beloved 92-year-old fabulous father is beginning to fade, God bless him, I’d like to celebrate him all the more.
He would tell you that he birthed the first computers and ran marathons in all 50 states plus many countries – all true.
I would tell you that he was more fun to be with than just about anybody I ever met. His blend of optimism and practicality steered us safely into life.

Here’s to you, Dad, and to the big family you raised.
We love you forever and always.
In all times, in all worlds.


Hearts Entwined      (by Diane Stallings 6-25-95)

We have the biggest family on the block
and the smallest car, a Metro,
red as a heart.
We squeeze into that car and
pop out again,
all of us, a circus trick
to show the neighbors or the folks at Dairy Queen.

Mom is the navigator, map on her lap.
She was Senior Class President,
arthritis or no,
and a typist ready for the world
when — wonder of wonders
that smiley guy in the college library,
that guy on the GI bill —
he loved her and she loved him.
Toot n’ Tellem!  Do!
Egg sandwiches on Friday nights
at the Toot n’ Tellem burger stand.
Red red roses and ruby lips,
the bride, how she shone
in a radiant gown.
The light of Heaven filled them both;
the angels sang for them.

Mama makes the measurements
and threads the machine
for pint-sized dresses and
suits topped off with bow ties.
Mama orchestrates the birthday parties,
inspires the homework.
She can spell anything right.

That’s Dad at the wheel,
Dairy Queen Daddy,
the Red Hots ‘n peanuts Pop.
Professor in a straw hat.
Acrobat — he throws his babies in the air
and they love it.
The fun n’ games Daddy has stars up his sleeve —
anything can happen.
Bag of manure?
There must be a horse around here somewhere.
The optimist, he’s got sturdy bones.
He’s the bricklaying practical pig,
so the wolves can’t get us, hee hee hee.

Drive us to Mexico, Dad, take us to Canada.
We’re all in the Metro,
this tiny red car
with one spare tire on the back.

There we are, a farmy family
with a bunch of farmy ancestors
bouncing on the sticky seats.
Dad inspires an awe for Kansas wheat
blanketing the fields, waving in the wind.
This here’s the breadbasket of America.
Are we the breadbasket, too?
Gardening, fighting, camping, hiking.
Both our Grampas had asthma
from farm fall-out.
We don’t.
We live next to the Bird Farm
and revel in wild fruit and weeds,
tangled things that beckon but
do not let loose so easily.
Every child has their own confusion,
every one their own desires.

Yet it is simple when we are all as one,
squeezed into the Metro,
sharing breaths of air
and bumps on the road,
sitting in each other’s laps,
our noses in each other’s hair.

Tell me, can you feel us
so together in the smallest space?
A family riding in the mouth of God.

The love that started at Toot n’ Tellem
shot out and latched onto
the big big Love in every star above.
And here we are,
two or more of us are gathered,
forever entwined,
the bloodline.
Nothing is so close.
This is the life behind life.
We cannot but share our friction,
pushing, pulling,
one upon the other.
These are the true lessons of our life.

When all is said,
when all are dead,
we remain together
sharing intimately a space of time,
sharing the bloodline,
members of the same muscle
In your heart.
In mine.


Happy Father’s Day

Check out Dad’s free iBook – Essays from a Life Well Lived: A Memoir, by Lyle Langlois, under (Biographies & Memoirs at Apple Books – much gratitude to Lisette Casey for putting it there.)
This photo by Lori Langlois, 2019 – many thanks.

Lyle and Shorttail 96dpi

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Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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  1. Debra Mahan says:

    You have described your Dad’s positive infectious energy so well. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him at holiday events.

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  2. I love this post Diane, my eyes are misty, a wonderful tribute to your dad and the messy, beautiful eternal nature of Big Love, thank you

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