Dr. P’s Unique Advice on How to Improve Mental Clarity, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s

The spirit infuses the body, and the body can’t do much without the spirit, as we’ve heard many times from Dr. James Martin Peebles.

It makes sense that our elderly mental fog hinges upon the clarity of our spirit-into-body connection, as he describes below.

(Lest you have stumbled upon this post unaware of his identity, let me share:
Dr. Peebles was a medical doctor, naturopath, and Civil War surgeon during his life on earth, but he obviously cannot be considered a licensed physician from the other side. So please understand that any healing suggestions that he makes are from a spiritual perspective, and they are in no way intended to replace the recommendations, advice, guidance and prescriptions offered by your medical providers. The way in which the information is received and applied in your life is, of course, your sole (soul) responsibility.   – Summer Bacon)

This transcription is from the great Q&A session of February 24, 2021 – mp3 from Summer Bacon.

Question: Dr Peebles, can you offer any treatments or suggestions to improve mental clarity for Alzheimer’s disease and similar mental health issues for elders?

Well not necessarily, no treatments in particular, other than – a lot of this sort of thing happens because the gut gets rather mucked up.
We mean literally the gut, like for example, the solar plexus area.

And so one of the things you can do is to gently massage the solar plexus area to get the digestion going and get the blood going into that area.

That can, as well, stimulate the nervous system because that’s where you incarnate, is in through the solar plexus.
And when that gets a little jammed up there’s a little – the circuitry isn’t working very well from the spirit into the body.

That’s where things go a little awry, in terms of memories and other things, and the ability to access such.

But remember that those individuals who have Alzheimer’s and those who have dementia, a lot of times they have truly chosen that path because that’s what they wanted.

They wanted to tip their toe on the other side, because they don’t want to pass away suddenly, because they don’t know where they’re going.
A lot of times these individuals can be very stubborn, too. They want things their own way. They want to do it their own way, in their own time, in their own place.
And that’s why these illnesses can be quite lingering because they’re taking their sweet time to leave the body and saying, “I’ll do it when I’m darn good and ready.”

Other ways in which you can help these individuals, when you first see the signs of Alzheimer’s and first see the signs of dementia, is to start asking, if they are close friends or family members of yours, ask them to remember things from the past. Say, “I remember one day we were eating ice cream together and you said something, I just can’t remember what that was.”
Give them little hints, little tips, and get their minds functioning.

Do not coddle them by any stretch of the imagination, but give them little things to do. For example, tell them, “You might want to go to the kitchen, and would you mind bringing me a cup of coffee?”
Give them things to do so that they are staying stimulated, rather than saying, “Oh no, no, I’ll do that for you. You’re getting elderly and you’re forgetful.”

Instead, strive to give them the credit that they deserve in terms of being human and still alive on the earth, and still wanting to do things, just because they are that.
God bless you indeed.
So there are many ways in which you can help and assist.

In some cases, in terms of a memory loss, it would be happening as a result of such things as a stroke and that sort of thing, and difficulties with the nervous system, and reconnecting that –
[you’d want to] recreate the movement of a child crawling on the floor.
First the child is lying on the floor, gets up on all fours, crawls, pulls oneself up to a table to steady themselves, stands on their own two feet and then walks.

Recreating that over and over again can help the nervous system recreate itself.
Because it will remember the path in which it was created as a child.

You always want to crawl, and then you will stand, and then you will walk.
There is a certain order in this, because that’s how your nervous system is being generated, through those different stages of development, God bless you indeed.

         – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, February 24, 2021

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Much gratitude to her and to the doc!

“Every act of the body is an act of the soul.” – William Alfred

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