Get Real, Our Belief Matters More Than Our Genetic Code

Why should we “expect” so-called genetic inherited illness?
Why do some of us assume that we carry genetic time bombs, ready to explode?

Some patterns appear to run that way – according to human expectations.

But the truth of the matter is, for the past 20 years, advances in physics and cell biology demonstrate that environment and belief play a much bigger role than genetics. 

The Human Genome Project (which examined human genes/DNA, from 1990 to 2003) expected that since humans are such complex beings, we humans would have about 100,000 genes. It turns out that we have only about 30,000 – whereas some varieties of rice have 60,000 genes. 

Yup, a grain of rice has more numerous and complex genes than a human.

Furthermore, 99% of our genes are contained in the nucleus of the cell, which used to be considered the “brain” of the cell. 
Scientists expected that if they took the nucleus out of the cell, it would die. 
But in fact, a cell without a nucleus (without genes) can still take complex action, can interact with the environment and with other cells, parasites, and viruses. 

So the nucleus (the DNA genetic code) is not the brain of the cell. 
The genes do not control the cell.

Genes do not control our biology.

If the DNA/genetic code doesn’t control things, what does?

For starters, proteins do the work in the cell. They coordinate functions and carry out actions. 
If you want things to improve in the body, you’ve got to talk to the proteins.

Where do proteins get their instructions?
Proteins receive their signals from the cellular membrane, says the new science of Epigenetics (“above genetics”). 
The cellular membrane is like a brain. 
The membrane picks up signals from beyond itself.
The membrane then passes these signals to the appropriate proteins.
The signal causes the protein to change shape in order to fulfill whatever function is needed. 

More muscle? Stronger bones? Better hormones?
Proteins adapt their shape as needed and get to work.

So it all begins with a signal –
which the membrane picks up and sends to the proteins.

These signals can be chemicals like drugs, but most often they are energy and frequency (mood, attitude, belief).

To fully understand this quantum biology and research, read Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief.

Lipton states that chemistry does not signal as effectively or efficiently as energy does. 
(A chemical dripping through the blood is simply slower.)

Your mind and your attitude are shown to have the strongest impact on your health, because these energies are constantly talking to your cells.

The mind/attitude changes the electromagnetic field, which then changes the cells, the body.

Lipton says, “Your brain is like a tuning fork sending out vibrations that not only impact the cells in your body, but also influence what’s going on in the world around you. Your energy is shaping matter.”

And because energy is faster and more efficient than chemicals, then the primary signals that control cellular life are energetic signals.

As Lipton says, “This lays the complete foundation for energy medicine and quantum biophysics.” 

(The above quotes are from a 2016 video lecture with the ACEP organization – and in the last line of that lecture, Lipton states that allopathic medicine emphasizes physical matter and chemical drugs, ignoring new biology and quantum mechanics, “for the simple reason that the pharmaceutical industry does not want to have energy healing, because it has no commercial value to them.”)

Never mind that outdated idea that your genes do everything. 
They don’t.

We can’t lay the blame on our genes anymore.

If your ancestors gave you a “bad gene,” it does not mean you’re destined for illness.

The key is not the gene, but the signals that you give to yourself.

A paradigm shift is afoot, in the way we handle health and healing.
We are straddling the old and the new ways of healing.
All ways of healing are useful.
Do what works for you.

But keep in mind that anything is possible.
Our belief absolutely impacts our reality.

When I use self-healing energy methods, I can feel the energies.
I bet you can, too?
We are made of energy.
What do you think and feel about this?

Next week, let’s talk about an easy approach to increase the voltage of our personal energy field and become more aware of ourselves as energy beings.

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