What Did Our Heavenly Mom Say from the Next World? How about Yours?

What did Mom do when she flew into the next World?
What is she doing now?
(It’s time to stick my neck out and share this true story on this special day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.)

Our mom raised six of us, with the faithful help of our dad.
She grew up with such health problems that she doubted anyone would marry her, and she planned to support herself.
But this guy swept her off her feet.
Her life became a better adventure, and she totally enjoyed being a wife and mother, loving her family.
I would say she died too young at age 62.
But she would say she lasted longer than she expected, and she was glad to leave the restriction of her failing body.

Within a couple of weeks after her death, most of us “kids” had realistic dreams about her.
I was taking a bus through a fun city, and Mom boarded the bus. She sat right across from me for an in-depth conversation. I woke up feeling and knowing that she was real.

My sister dreamed that Mom, wearing a fancy ballroom dress, walked up to greet her. Mom was young and vibrant, with a perfectly healthy beautiful body. She danced with joy and grace. No more pain. Total happiness.

Some years later I had the good fortune to attend my first group open session to listen to Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon. We put our names in a basket in hopes that we’d be lucky enough to ask him a question.
My name got picked!

            “The question I brought today was to see if you could contact Alberta?”

            “Yes, and about what?” (says Dr. Peebles, channeled by Summer Bacon)

            “Well, I want to know if she has any message for any of her children.”

            “All right, just a moment, let’s see here – Alberta!  She’s busy.  She says, ‘I’m busy.’  She’s always busy, anyway.  She’s just off here.  She says, ‘I just want to go in the woods and hide for awhile.’  Yah.  Just a moment, she’s comin,’ yah, she says, ‘Just a moment here.’  She talks all the way.  We can’t hear her yet.  She’s just a-talkin’ the whole way over and you can’t catch half her phrases here.  Yah, all right (as if spoken to her).  Yah.

            “She says, ‘I did make an attempt, a very strong attempt, to visit everyone.  And she says, ‘I very much want to make that clear.’  And she says, ‘I don’t understand how I ended up with such a family of skeptics and disbelievers!’  (Aside, Peebles says, Oh goodness!)

            “Yah, she’s – oh, she’s got a mouth on her, yah?  She’s chewing out every one of ‘em, yah?  God bless you indeed.  There’s so much love in her heart.  But she says, ‘Yes, I did indeed, absolutely’ (contact everyone).  And she says, ‘Please, I have not a skeptical bone in my body.’  She says, ‘I know.  I’m here, and I’m very much alive and well.’  And she says, ‘I am so free, I am not earth-bound in any way, shape, or form.  I have a tremendous faith and love of God.’ 

            “And she says, ‘I have really at long last found truth.’  And she says, ‘There is glory in Heaven,’ and she says this with all her soul.  And she says, ‘If only this could be the legacy that I leave to my family.’  She says, ‘You all know that I did not ever mince words.’

            “Just – she’s very clear here that she wants everyone to come into understanding that – well, she says this quite plainly, my dear, she says, ‘Your life on earth is no joke.  It’s very important business.’  And she says, ‘It’s so important, that you’d better start having some fun with it.’  And she says, ‘Start to focus upon relationships and the things that count.’”

                         – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 31, 2004 

I was charmed.
I smiled at the phrase, “no joke,” because she always said that, in life. (As in, “This is no joke” – pay attention, you bouncy kids.) Her phrasing and several other terms were absolutely her style of speaking.

Since that time, I have learned (also through Dr. Peebles) that Mom spent some years attending a spiritual class with me here on Earth. She was hovering around to listen and learn alongside me. I understand she wasn’t the only departed relative who was curious to attend that class.

For a while she was actually trying to reach me through the telephone. Peebles conveyed her message that she was able to make the phone ring, but she could not get the open connection to hold. (In that season, I was getting lots of one-ring phone calls on the landline, but heard no voice. After this notification, I waited longer on the line, but for me it was still silent.)

Only a few years ago, she was enjoying a new job of helping people “pack their bags for Earth” with whatever characteristics and challenges they wanted to bring with them for their upcoming life. (If you read my short stories, you may recognize that idea.)
This job fulfilled her love of organizing and supporting people, just as she had done on Earth, Peebles pointed out to me.
True, I agreed.

As I’ve heard it, the next world is your oyster, with any number of options and activities, including plenty of play, travel and fun, art and music classes, and whatever you could possibly imagine.
Your spirit will have freedom and flight of soul, as Dr. Peebles says.

I wonder what Mom is doing now?
Maybe I can go into a meditation and find out.
After all, I have felt her presence now and then.
She talks to a couple of my sisters from time to time.

Do you talk with your heavenly mom?
Please share your story with us, in the comments below.

Ever wonder where she is?
Reach out and ask her.

(… My mom says she is having fun hearing from each of her kids this Mother’s Day weekend and bouncing around in dreams with them, whether they remember it or not.)

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And here’s my smiling mom, Bertie (a.k.a. Alberta).
Bertie cameo w spark

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