Never Fear, You Live Forever Already – Inspiration and Love from Dr. Peebles

What if you truly knew you will never die?
It would take tons of pressure off of us, yes?
It would dissolve a lot of traumas from the past.
It would melt our anxiety about the future.

Imagine relaxing into your life that much.
How delicious would that be?

Summer Bacon has brought us a new mp3 (April 23rd) of encouragement and blessing from Dr. Peebles.
Here is an excerpt.

The movement and the direction of the Earth, of the planet, of the energy here, is always going to be a spiral that is weaving out into the universe, weaving into the fabric of eternity.

It is not imploding, my dear friends, it is exploding all the time, with greater and greater awareness of love.
That is what is happening upon your planet Earth, now more than ever, because of your awareness of one another.

We’ve said it many, many times.

You have more awareness than there has ever been – that there are other countries, that there are other people, that there are other ways of living. That there are wars on opposite sides of the planet, that there are so many different communities that are banding together in love, et cetera.

That everybody really at their core beneath the skin, you are the same, God bless you indeed.
Beneath the skin you, my friends, are seeking love. Seeking to love and to be loved upon this school called Planet Earth, forever more.

And you’re understanding that you are just here temporarily within this physical form, which is temporary at best, and that you will be moving on into the greater understanding of yourself as spirit, a life eternal that cannot be destroyed by anything, God bless you indeed.
Only the physical form can be turned back into dust.

But your spirit, your life, continues on forever more.

So take a deep breath, relax, release, surrender.
Stop worrying about what might happen.
There are so many people who are so afraid at the current time.

We hear the prayers and the fears and the dreams and other things, the imaginings and such, of the possibilities of nuclear war upon the Planet Earth.
Is it possible?
Yes, of course it is possible, my dear friends.
If it were to occur, would it be a horrific thing?
Yes it would, temporarily, my friends.
But then the many rather than the few would transition from their bodies back into the understanding of self as a soul, as a spirit, life eternal, God bless you indeed.
Understanding that there is no true destruction of you.

Because you, my dear friends, are a spirit.
You are a spirit eternal.
We want to emphasize that here today.

The barriers, borders, and boundaries upon your planet Earth are indeed coming down.
There are people, certainly, who are trying to conquer the world.
Yes, there are always going to be people trying to conquer the world, because they think that the way to control things is to control the external environment and make it comply.
But the reality is, there are many things happening upon your planet Earth that might seem very frustrating, might seem very bothersome to you.
But these things are necessary at this time to help you understand, to mix things up a little bit.

Barriers, borders, and boundaries coming down.
We don’t mean just the barriers, borders and boundaries of countries coming down – …

                              – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, April 23rd, 2022

In the next few minutes, he takes us into a beautiful self-exploration.
Who are you really, without any trappings?
Who would you be if you had no past, no relationships, no expectations put upon you by anybody in your past?
Who would you really be?
What would you do and enjoy doing, if nobody was watching?
Who are you truly, within yourself?

He then asks probing questions to help you discover what you came here to learn, on this planet.
What is your true purpose, within?

These are a few of the juicy moments I totally enjoy on Dr. Peebles Speaks April 23rd – many thanks to Summer Bacon.

This mp3 brings you new peace and rejuvenation.
Check it out.

As Summer says, the April 23rd topics include

  • The purpose of war
  • Your purpose: do you know who you are?
  • Why everything is in right order
  • How advanced technology is actually getting us back to basics
  • What do angels and spirits look like?
  • Share, give, listen, learn
  • Do you love yourself yet?
  • Why and how to live life with forgiveness for self
  • When will there be peace?
  • And more!

Get the April 23rd mp3 Now!

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