When Do Angels Rescue You and Inspire Your Trust?  

Call it angels, or higher self, or Source, or the fairies of the universe, or even sheer coincidence, but tell me, when have you been literally lifted out of harm’s way?
I’ve heard amazing stories of mortal danger averted on the highway.
I’ve heard about a child blown out of the path of a speeding car.
I’ve heard of financial desperation met with a last-minute windfall of money.

What’s your story?
When did you know, without a doubt, that something caught you, cared for you, lifted you up?

Is it real? (Sure feels like it to me.)
Can we trust it?
Can we trust the universe?
Can we trust enough that we naturally open the flow of more miracles?

We often feel alone in the world, yet these incidents remind us that we are never alone.
We are cared for by something greater than our own limited powers.
So much happens behind the scenes, we can’t possibly fathom it.
And it’s not up to us to figure it out.
Yet help is given.
Ask, and it is given, sometimes even when we forget to ask.

When I was a small child, my mom taught me a guardian angel prayer which I dutifully said at bedtime. The idea was that my angel would help me through the night and the day, constantly watching over me.

By the time I was eight years old, I was a bit concerned about this angel standing in my shower with me.
Couldn’t a person get a little privacy?
At that age I’d lost my faith in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Was this angel thing real or fake?

But I couldn’t deny that when I climbed our backyard tree into the tippy top delicate branches, when those branches cracked and fell away, when I dropped through the air with my heart in my throat, Something caught me, rescued me.
It wasn’t just the tree. (Although I loved her a lot, and I knew she was my friend.)
Something else had grabbed me to safety.
I could feel it.
Other kids had broken arms and legs from falling out of trees, but I never did, despite many slips from those tantalizing top branches where I swayed in the breeze.

Mostly, I was glad to have a guardian angel.

Then again, we grow up and try to be smart.
Be logical. Be real.
If you let go of fairies, how can you hang onto angels?
I let go of the angels for a decade or two.

Then one night when I was a capable adult staying at a hotel, the marble bathroom floor slipped me up and crashed me down. My shower-wet feet swung into the air.
I expected an extremely painful landing.
Time slowed down.
Then it felt like I landed on a soft cushy cloud.
(I kid you not. It was remarkable. I know what you’re thinking, but my butt didn’t have that kind of padding, nor did my elbows. I had not been drinking. I wasn’t numb. I got no bruises.)

Daang! My angel was still showering with me.

What a shock – a really good shock.
I thanked her and asked her to stay close.

Years later when I learned energy healing, I began to feel divine intervention all over the place. It’s a delight and an honor to see my clients getting relief.

Life rolls on, through highs and lows.
On a fun day, sweet serendipities pop up, replying to what I need in the moment.
I may be driving along talking aloud to myself, struggling with an issue, and the instant I shift into a better attitude or decision,
a flash of light glints from something shiny into my eyes.
Sunlight sparks off a mirror, a bumper, a sign – to punctuate and confirm my mind and heart.
No, it doesn’t happen all the time.
But it is a repeat experience, so I take it as the super-cool encouragement that it is.

Life keeps showing me that the more you notice and celebrate these serendipity moments, the more they multiply.
They pop up most often when you’re feeling light and breezy.

It’s harder to connect with these messages when you’re feeling down.
But downers are part of life, so we just keep moving along.

A couple mornings ago I woke up from a restless night, at the end of my rope with an emotional situation. (Yes, of course I used my energy methods and prayed a lot, but I couldn’t shift.)

In a mood of semi-despair, you don’t feel like you’re getting any help.
There I was in a tangled heap, exhausted, trying to face the day.

But I voiced gratitude for the few hours of sleep I did get. And I groggily spoke Dr. Peebles’ line, “Thank you, God, for this beautiful day and all the pleasures, treasures, and wonders within it.”
I dragged myself out for my morning walk like I always do.

The uncanny thing was, shuffling down the empty street in my mental fog, I began to sense friendly presences.
The butterfly flitting up to my face was not just a butterfly.
The hummingbird who paused before it sailed over my shoulder was more than a bird.
The family of quail bustling from the bushes into my pathway told me: we are here, we are with you, don’t despair.

Honestly, these all felt like real people to me, real beings who wanted to soothe my troubled mind.
Real messages from Something greater.
(These pleasures, treasures, and wonders!)

Once again, I knew this in my bones:
we are never alone, even when we think we are.

Help is always reaching towards us.
When we ask for help, it will flow in.
A favorite way to ask out loud is – “Please lighten me up.”

You don’t need a name for the helper.
Heck, you don’t need to believe in a helper.
You need only to ask, keep an open mind, and observe what happens.
It may not be an immediate response.
It may take a day or two.
But when you see the response, celebrate it, give thanks, and remember it.
That’s how the phenomenon grows.
That’s how you know the universe is talking to you.

Okay, your turn.
When have you been convinced of divine intervention or inexplicable luck? Or so-called sheer coincidence?
Please share your story in the comments below.
(And how about that parking-spot-angel … ?)


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2 Responses to When Do Angels Rescue You and Inspire Your Trust?  

  1. Beth McGaw says:

    I, too, have had many encounters of my angel interventions. I ask frequently for parking spaces close to my destination as walking far can be a challenge. So far one is already open or just opens up as I approach. I always thank them. I have shared this with several friends who have had similar experiences.
    Great article, Diane!

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    • You give me big smiles, Beth 😉 Very cool, your faithful parking-spot blessing. I’m glad people are more open to talking about this topic these days. I think there’s a divine conversation always going on, and we can enjoy it more and more. Sending Hugs to you and yours!


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