You Have a Wealth of Delightful Opportunities, says Dr. Peebles

“Deeper and deeper the dreamer of love sleeps on a quilt of stones.”  – Paul Simon

It’s not easy, dreaming of love and kindness to fill up this difficult world.

The other day I told a couple of my family guys that we humans may soon see an end to war, because so many of us around the globe don’t want it anymore.
They laughed, disagreed, and looked at me with jaded eyes as if to say, “History repeats itself.”

But let us clarify that history has no power to repeat itself.
We humans, by our choices, perceptions, and beliefs, take actions that create history.

We can’t blame history.
We can’t blame ancestral grudges.
We can’t blame human nature,
because each human is an individual, making their own choices, moving toward love in whatever way they can, whether they know it or not.

We can’t blame the inertia of our old habitual patterns.

Here are some words from Dr Peebles. (April 10th Dr Peebles Speaks mp3)

Right here in this given moment, my dear friends, there are human beings who are asleep upon the planet Earth, who are out of body, doing wonderful works around the world, helping and consoling children on other sides of the world, when they are in their out-of-body state, when they are asleep at night.
Many of you are ones who do that sometimes.
That’s why you wake up in the morning so exhausted – because you were out working at night, being the angel that you are, being of service to the planet Earth, transforming it through a variety of actions and ways in which you can interact with planet Earth through interacting first and foremost with your ever-loving soul inside.

My dear friends, we love you so very much.
You have options here upon the planet Earth.
Stop believing that you do not.
Stop believing that this world is going to hell in a handbasket overnight.

Please, my dear friends, understand that the love that you are seeking is within you first.
You have charge and control of what’s inside of you.
That is always the case, always and forevermore.

 Unless you choose to buy into the lies and the deception and the conversations that you hear on your news networks and the sadness and such.

Unless you choose to listen to that, God bless you indeed, it will not hurt you.
It will not bother you.
It will not have to become part of your being.
It is through your choices and perceptions that you create your reality of sadness, of pain.
It is your choice to be sorrowful.
It is your choice to be in fear.
It is your choice to be and respond however you are in the world.
It is up to you.

And you can, if you dig deeper inside of yourself and do the work, dig deep inside of yourself to find that God-light within you, and adhere to that, and bring that light to the surface, it is there that you, my dear friends, begin to transform your own reality.

As you are well aware, you might be in terrible fear, and the person next to you says, “Ah, Dear, don’t you worry about a thing. Everything’s gonna work out beautifully. There’s a plan here. God’s in charge. God wins. Everything’s going to be fine. God’s love prevails no matter what.”

And yet you are fearful.
Well, my dear friends, it has nothing to do with the way things are in the world that you are fearful.
It’s only because you choose to be fearful of the things that are the way they are in the world.
That you choose to put your attention on those things that are scary rather than looking at the birds, rather than looking at the beautiful trees, rather than sitting in gratitude for the wonderful gifts of life. The breath that you breathe here, right now.

Take a nice deep breath.
Relax, release, surrender, my dear friends.
You are pure, unabashed love.
That is it. That’s what you’re created of.

That is not contingent upon whether there are wars in the world or anything else.
That’s just who you are.
That’s at the core of you.

That is at the core of every single soldier is hurting somebody right now.
That is at the heart of any politician who is lying to the public.
It is at the core of anybody who’s creating drugs and other things to calm humanity.
It is at the core of people who are doing horrific things.

That love is there.

They’re just finding ways to ignore it. They’re finding ways to run away from it. They don’t believe in it.
They have fallen away from God’s love, and they are striving to understand and to return to Source through a variety of actions. First, working from the outside in, thinking that’s going to make a difference.
But eventually they’ll find that all of those resources, trying to change the world around them, will be exhausted.

They’ll say, “This is just simply not working. Where else can I look? I’ve looked everywhere. I’ve tried every possible way of changing the world, making myself happy. I’ve acquired and accumulated as much money as I possibly can  …”

  • Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, 4-10-22

In this April 10th mp3 of Dr. Peebles, Summer writes:

Dr. Peebles speaks about how to journey to the heart, calmly and peacefully, despite the circumstances around you:

  • Why do you care so much?
  • What is at the heart of fear?
  • Are wars God’s fault?
  • How to be a good listener
  • How to respond to a platform you don’t agree with
  • You still have options! Pick one!
  • How to create a relationship with loved ones who have passed
  • People who leave in a horrific way: where are they now?
  • What is “truth?”
  • Are there rules we must follow from “above?”
  • There is no such thing as nothing
  • The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes
  • Resurrection is happening
  • And more!

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Wishing you a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!

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