Why You Might Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay  

Calcium Bentonite Clay is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and in some circles controversial (see cautions at the end of this post).

Bentonite is great at absorbing toxins and bacteria. It attracts and soaks them up like a sponge. It carries all the garbage out, with itself, through the colon.

As mentioned before, I have used this clay intermittently for years, to reduce toxins.
Such as the toxins stirred up after a deep tissue massage (drink clay to diminish morning-after soreness and fatigue).
Such as toxic feelings in the belly when food doesn’t digest well.
Or to avert a food/sugar hangover.

Benefits of Calcium Bentonite clay include:
Relief of gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, IBS, diarrhea
Detoxification of the liver
Removes toxins and bad bacteria from the digestive tract
Promotes a healthy balance of intestinal flora
Boosts the immune system
Removes heavy metals and chemicals (especially after radiation therapy)
Supports efficient cellular respiration (to release wastes)
Reduces effects of hangover (alcohol or sugar), when taken soon after imbibing

Bentonite applied to the skin and allowed to dry, is good for:
Face masks
Skin irritations, rashes, poison ivy, bug bites
Skin infections

How to take Bentonite clay
Rather than buying liquid clay (expensive), most of us buy powder to mix in water.
I make mine about the consistency of pancake batter (but you can make it thinner).

I use a quart jar half-full of water, add 3 tablespoons of powder, then fill with water to about an inch from the top, in order to shake and mix it up. (Then – often it needs to sit around for a couple hours to fully soften the powder.)

My chosen dose is about a half-cup, but that can vary according to your preference.
Interesting drink, a bit chalky. It tastes bland. (Yes, like clean mud.)
If you’d rather not drink it, you can put the powder into capsules (or simply get Bentonite in capsule form).

Take clay 1 to 2 hours before or after medications or supplements (so you won’t diminish their effect).
You don’t need to wait any time with foods.
If you overate or have an upset stomach, a dose of clay will usually relieve it.

Cautions on Bentonite:

  1. Bentonite also attracts and may possibly remove some of your magnesium, potassium, and sodium. (If you have poor electrolyte balance, don’t swallow clay.)

  2. A few years ago, the FDA warned the public of two brands that contained lead (“BentoniteMe Baby” by Alikay and “Best Bentonite Clay” by a website of that name).
    However, Bentonite supporters point out that this lead within the clay is not bioavailable. It is not left behind in the body to build up.
    The FDA has not found any actual cases of lead poisoning from any Bentonite clay products.
    Plus, many natural foods also contain moderately high levels of lead, including nuts, collard greens, Brussels sprouts. But again, we find no reports of actual lead poisoning from that. 

From my perspective, Bentonite is gentler on the body than Activated Charcoal, which is a strong way to clear out toxins. (But other forms of Charcoal may be easier.)

I’m just here to say, Bentonite has been good for me – good for intermittent use, when needed.
As always, this blog does not prescribe anything. It merely offers ideas for you to explore. Take whatever resonates for you, and leave the rest.

Have you used Bentonite? Did it help or hinder you?
Please comment below.

This is my personal favorite Bentonite brand on Amazon – it’s a smooth tasting one, as clay goes. (No link because I’m not an Amazon seller.)
Bentonite Clay

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