How Love Actually Does Make your World Go ‘Round – Dr. Peebles

Catch the love superhighway frequency of connection, where everything else dissolves.

When I heard the most recent Dr. Peebles message (3-25-22), something clicked strongly in my heart. At times I want to laugh for joy, to envision this aspect of love.
(I used to feel: oh yes, love, that’s a good reminder, it certainly helps everything, builds better relationships, and makes life easier. But to live in love all the time? Just didn’t seem real. It felt like a burdensome effort in a difficult world. But maybe, just maybe, we are on the brink of a breakthrough, deep in our hearts.)

Peebles suggests to get on the wavelength of love and then you can go anywhere and do anything, connect with anybody. Effortlessly uplift everybody.
Pink cord of light joins our hearts.
Pink cord from your heart to every heart in the world.
Trouble literally dissolves.

Just like it dissolved years ago, when I would have a personal chat with Dr. P. on the phone. (“Your vibration is so sweet, everything feels fine now,” I would say.)
That is the unconditional love frequency (I believe).
Same thing, the time I sat in Abraham-Hicks hot seat – sweet energy overwhelmed me. My mind went blank. It was a powerful field of love.
Same thing when Byron Katie absorbed us all into love during her live presentation in my town.
Same thing in our meditation group years ago, when we would sing with Isaac and get into such an expanded state that we sat “with our crowns in our heads,” perfectly content, nothing ever wrong.
The sweet reality of real love.

Each of those times, I stepped into a palpable field of love.

And yes, we step into love with our beloved ones, when all is going well.
We step into love, perhaps, when trying to cheer up the grumpy cashier.

But might we also think of love as a vehicle?

We can step into it and drive it ourselves.

Love is a vehicle for us to ride upon.
Love is a broadband frequency for us to live in sweetness.
Love is a super highway that is always available.

This knowing enveloped me when I listened to the passage below.
Peebles speaks about the love thread that connects everything.

Dr. Peebles Speaks March 25 excerpt
Dig deeper inside of yourself and know that the single thread that runs through everything, wherein you can communicate directly with everyone,
even Mr. Putin or Mr. Zelensky or anybody else that you want to communicate within life,
you do it through love.

You just simply close your eyes, relax, release, surrender. And know, my dear friends, that from your heart to theirs, there is purity.

That is the line of communication that you want to ride, in order to help and assist people upon the planet Earth to awaken.

Simply, if you will, imagine that there is a pink light going from your heart to another. Whomever it might be.

Simply, without expectation or anything else, feel the vibration of love going into theirs.
You don’t even have to put words to it.
You don’t have to say, “oh please, please awaken, please, please, if you will, open your heart to receiving light, love, inspiration, and truth.”

Simply instead, my dear friends, just surrender and allow for that energy to go from you to them.
It belongs to one and all.

It is the blood that courses through everybody’s veins.
That’s why your blood runs red, God bless you indeed.
The color of your heart, the color of your soul, the truth of your nature.

You, my dear friends, are made of heart.
The love of God is within you.
Every single solitary one of you.

If you simply would unite and understand this, and understand that you are interconnected in this way, you would find that suddenly your planet Earth would really start to increase in its vibration of love. Even more so than ever before.

Let go of the things that you are watching on your news television and such.
Let go of the things that you are hearing from your neighbor, about the way life is, and the way it’s always going to be, and how terrible life is going to become.
Let go of your fears of food shortages and worries about gas prices.

Right now just don’t bother with that.
It’s not happening right here and right now.

Take a nice deep breath.
Relax, release and surrender as you’re listening to my voice.
Right here and right now, there is still an opportunity for love, and that is it.
That’s your sanctuary.
Because that is truth.
That’s the vibrational frequency that runs through everything.
Relax, release, surrender.
One heart to another.

Now can you imagine that you are such a magnificent creature, a magnificent spirit – Oh, how great though art – that you can allow for this love that runs from your heart to run into not just one single person, but imagine that you are indeed so magnificent that that vibration not only goes from your heart, but radiates out from you.

Above you, below you, to the sides of you, in front of you, in the back of you.

You’re a beautiful orb of bliss, is what you are.
And that energy expands further and further out.

And guess what, my dear friends?
Everything that you see, hear, taste, touch, feel and smell is filled with that vibration of love, from you.
As you stay in that place, my dear friends, of knowing that you are pure unabashed love.
That everything is interconnected.
That there is nothing to fear.

      — James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon – March 25, 2022

(Next, he guides you to stay in this vibration and bring in something or somebody you fear. Watch how the fear dissipates and melts away in the vibration of love. No matter what a person may present on the Earth as being powerful and controlling – all that is an illusion of separation. It is not real.)

In this mp3, Dr. Peebles Speaks March 25, among many topics, we find out:

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How our reactions could be from previous lifetimes
How we are interwoven and interconnected
We are all in this together
We chose to be on earth at this moment, in this era
How to flip energy from negative to positive
How to heal yourself and others
Learn to dissolve the illusions of separation on a whole new level
and much more

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Many thanks to Summer Bacon for her great clarity and generosity in bringing Dr. Peebles to us.
Don’t miss her wonderful website, including many free teachings.

Embrace all your Yesterdays, Move On, and Dance with Life, says Dr. Peebles

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