Make Your Happy Place Juicy, Bright, and True for You 

What can we do for a world of chaos and pain?
We can bring relief to situations in our own life. But for everything beyond us, all the horrors we hear about?
We can pray for their relief, donate, or volunteer – but realistically, the needs are far beyond our personal power.
As Mother Teresa said, “We can only do small things with great love.”

We need to bring more love to our own circle and especially to our own self-care.
We need to lighten up and laugh whenever we can.

Life is an inside job.
Get your inside aligned, and life flows easier.

When we’re in the emotional ditch of trouble and pain, it’s hard to see our way out of it.
The walls of the ditch block our view. We feel helpless.
In the ditch, we may need to attend to practical matters, but we don’t need to wallow.

One of our primary Earth lessons is to shift our view, lift our attitude, move the focus of our attention.
Find a better-feeling thought.

Bring hope to your life, despite despair.

Our attention makes things grow.
Our attention feeds whatever it looks upon.
Our attention literally brings more energy to that object/situation.

On a bad day, the worse things get, the worse they get.
Our attention is upon the trouble, so everything keeps going wrong.

On a good day, the better we feel, the better we feel.
Our attention is upon good feelings.
Life unfolds to our advantage.
Fun surprises pop up.

Learning to re-focus our attention is a huge big deal.

We could boil all this down to the old adage, “Go to Your Happy Place.”

But – be proactive and use your five senses to build a truly delicious Happy Place.

See it, hear it, smell it, taste it – that Happy Place.
Put all your feelings and visions into it.
Make it fun and juicy.
(Then build more Happy Places, so you can visit them all.)

Feeling-Vision (a.k.a. Happy Place)
Create your own images of brilliant fun, contentment, or the fulfillment of a sweet desire.
Infuse the images with your positive feelings.
Juice it up and be in that scene.

When you slide into stress (or slip into the ditch),
take a breath,
exhale the trouble,
and inhale your Happy Place.

Let’s create a luscious Happy Place right now.

How to Lighten Up: Build a “Feeling-Vision” Happy Place

  • Breathe deeply into the belly, soft and full.
  • Settle into the body, loose and limp.
  • Continue relaxed belly breathing.
  • Recall a fun event or invent one you would love to try. Go there. See it all in your mind’s eye. Feel the sensations. Go into the happy details of it. Hear the sounds. Smell the aromas. Feel the touches, or the sunshine, or the breeze. Amplify the good feelings of having fun in that moment. (Need an idea? See the pic below.)
  • Put together an image, a Feeling-Vision that brings in all the fun. Include everything you like. Fill in all the details. This image can be realistic or surreal or symbolic. Take your time. Get a juicy bright image, filled with delights.
  • Breathe deeply. Bask in this image and all of its sweet sensations.
  • Ramp up that fun inside yourself.
  • Breathe and float with it.
  • Stress dissolves.

Another Happy Place:

  • Go to contentment. It could be as simple as awakening from a good night’s sleep, embraced by your pillows. Or taking a walk on a beautiful day. Or dropping your workday and driving joyfully into the weekend. Or treating yourself to something special that you love. Or losing yourself in a beautiful piece of music.
  • Choose your own time of contentment and go into it with your sensations. What do you feel? Hear? What do you smell or taste? How do your surroundings hold you lovingly? What are the sights, sounds, sensations?
  • Take all the time you need to appreciate many aspects of this contentment. Let it fill you up, into your toes and fingertips. Pure contentment.

Or build this Happy Place:

  • Go into something you desire for the future. It does not have to be attainable. It only needs to be something you would love. Is it a new home? A fabulous vacation? Effortlessly scuba diving or hang gliding? Is it spending your fortune after you win the lottery? Maybe a fantastic sports car, or a plane, or a hot air balloon? A racehorse? Perfect health or strength or beauty? A perfect partner? Anything you desire.
  • Settle on just one yummy desire, and imagine you already have it.
  • How does it feel, to have this scrumptious desire fulfilled? Go fully into these feelings.
  • Make this image clear, colorful, and full of life.
  • Amplify the joy of it.
  • Soak up this Feeling-Vision of your desire fulfilled. You are there. It is yours. Relish it.

Hold and treasure these Feeling-Visions of fun, contentment, and a desire fulfilled.

Embellish them more, as time goes on.

When you get the blues, or you need some good sleep, shift your attention and bring in all the delights of your Happy Place.

Soon these images will pop up faster and raise your vibration wherever you are (even in the ditch).

Remember your Place.

Where is your Place?
My yummy Place is walking in the surf at the beach.
Please tell us more in the comments below.


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yummy ski ice cream cone Thomas Wolter Pixabay

(Thanks to Thomas Wolter of Pixabay for this yummy image.)

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