Urgent: How to Use Your Heart to Cast a Wide Net of Love – Dr. Peebles

This is a crucial pressing time on the planet.

Today Dr. Peebles (unexpectedly) came through with a serious vital message:

Right now we are standing in conditions similar to the outbreak of World War II.
Anxiety and panic don’t help.
It is imperative that we not repeat our history, but instead pave a new path of love for all humanity.

Each of us is asked to keep love alive in our own hearts, in our circle and beyond.
We are asked to love the unlovable, to the best of our ability.
We are asked to celebrate the diversity of all humans.
We are asked to cast a wide net of love around this Planet Earth, all of us together, linking our hearts and ramping up the love vibration in our daily life, especially today, especially this week.

It Matters More Than Ever, Right Now.

Summer Bacon kindly offers this vital mp3, free to share – it’s that important for Earth, for all of us.
Dr. Peebles Speaks Feb 25, 2022 mp3 download

Here is an excerpt:

Toughest class in the universe, and you chose to take it.
Laboring in love.
And now labor does not feel like labor anymore.
It becomes an experience that you look forward to each and every day.

How can I bring love to the world?
You awaken in the morning – how can I bring love to the world?
“Good morning, trees. Good morning, birds. Good morning, little spider in the kitchen, let me take you outside and offer you freedom. Good morning, my coffee machine, thank you so very much for this cup of coffee.”
Thank you to the beautiful things in life. There are so many, my dear friends.
And you focus on the horrors, yes, because you care.
And you want to help.
Sitting in fear and anguish and anger, trembling in a corner, is not really going to help.
It just means the other guys are winning.

Instead, my dear friends, awaken in the morning, put a smile on your face, open your heart. Hold your head high. “Thank You, God for this beautiful day and for all the pleasures and treasures and wonders within it.”

And then sit still for a moment, after you have a couple sips of your coffee, and pray for the world and the upliftment of those who are in pain. Those dictators and those warriors who are wanting to conquer. Who are living life in fear, not understanding the love that they are. Not understanding their true power.

Pray for them. That they may find the power within, the true power that will create freedom and flight of soul for them, and subsequently for so many others.

Put down your arms, Mr. Putin, please? And find the love within your heart, and give that to the world. And you [Sir], would find that the world would drop to your feet and kiss them in gratitude, and thank you for this greatness that you give to the world.

For any leader to want to be great overnight, it would simply take that sort of courage, to be that vulnerable.
And guess what?
To surrender.
To what?
To love.
That is the greatest strength, the greatest power that exists within each and every one of you upon this school called Planet Earth.

Do not give up faith and hope in God, my dear friends.
God is working tirelessly, constantly, saying, “I am here. I am here. I am here within you. I am the love within you. I am the love that creates growth, that brings unity, that celebrates diversity.”

God created you in His image, my dear friends.
What was his image? It wasn’t male or female. He created you in his image, meaning that he created you in love.

You, my dear friends, are beautiful spirits. Can you just simply drink that in for a moment here?
You are a beautiful spirit.

Say, “I am a beautiful spirit. I am a student of the Divine. I am a joy and a blessing to all I meet. I love to give love.
“And I pray tirelessly, endlessly, for others to know Who they are as well. That they are a joy and a blessing to the world, and they are made of pure love.”

And the greatest joy in the universe is to bring that love to the surface.

That is where everybody becomes the greatest creator, ever.
Creating love.
Giving it to the world.
Generating it constantly.

An endless flow of energy through which, united together, each of you with your unique abilities, you would find yourself, my dear friends, creating paradise here upon this school called Planet Earth.
Where no one would ever go hungry.
And everyone would prosper, and have a roof over their head, and not fear viruses or anything else, because they wouldn’t exist. They wouldn’t be needed to awaken human hearts.
                   – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon on February 25, 2022

Download Dr. Peebles Speaks Feb 25, 2022

Please join in this wide net of Love we create together.
Keep Love on your mind and heart.
I’ll see you there!


holographic earth Flickr by Kevin M Gill w Peebles

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