Quick Easy Free Way to Feel Better on Every Level – EFT Tapping

“Think of a traumatic memory, something that troubled you and still does,” my naturopath said one day, nearly 20 years ago.
I went to my childhood, to a painful scene that still hurt.

He touched various points on my face and muscle tested me, until he settled on two points near my eyes. These he gently tapped.
He told me to keep dwelling on the traumatic emotions of that memory.

My eyes were shut, watching that scene.
I felt the heartache and humiliation of it.
With his tapping, the emotional pain steadily dissolved.
What a wonder. My body relaxed.

He urged me to go deeper into that memory and feel any residual pain.
I tried to ramp up those heavy emotions, but they dwindled and faded away.
Within these two minutes, this old baggage dropped – gone, gone, gone.

Surprised and delighted, I kept on grinning.
From that day forward, never again did that memory pull me nor drag me down.

After all, it is called Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT.

Each tapping point relates to a specific emotion (and meridian), but the standard method uses about 7 points to cover all difficult emotions.
(I am fascinated with our meridians, these streams of light and information, where our emotions, thoughts and beliefs intersect with our physical health and mental health.)

Soon I became a practitioner of EFT tapping.
It’s amazing what my clients and I have been able to heal with tapping: from PTSD to insomnia to anxiety to cravings to physical pain to phobias to simple stability and happiness.

You’ll find that Olympic athletes use tapping to improve performance,
school children tap for concentration and stress relief,
others tap to reduce cravings and lose weight, or for
better relationships,
physical pain relief,
stronger immune system,
dropping fears and phobias,
painful memories and traumas,
financial stability,
motivation for a goal,
making good choices,
increasing gratitude and joy,
and so much more.

Why does tapping work on such a variety of things?
Because it remodels the brain.

Research of the past two decades shows that tapping rewires the brain.
When we tap on a meridian point, it sends a calming signal and changes the brain’s neural pathways.
These adjustments reduce our struggles and bring balance to us.

Over a hundred world-wide studies show tapping to be 98% effective for many issues.

Double-blind studies found that tapping decreases cortisol levels by 43% (better than talk therapy). (Cortisol is the stress hormone.)

Tapping also calms the stressed-out amygdala of the brain.
As we know, 90% of our health issues stem from stress.

You can easily learn EFT meridian tapping from many sites on the web.
They usually don’t tell you how to EFT tap your unique personal issue (but click that for my great secret tips).

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No kidding –
Get relief and feel better within minutes.
It’s easy, painless, quick, and (as mentioned) free!

You’ll be glad you learned this excellent tool.

I can’t count how many times tapping has saved my day – or my night, for good sleep.
How has EFT tapping enhanced your life?
Please comment below.

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