Keep Your Good Balance Despite Crazy-Making People – Plus a Free Tuning from Eileen 

What do you do when somebody close to you suddenly snarls and barks with sheer hostility?
I fall in the emotional ditch, that’s what I do.
Even though part of me says, don’t take it personally.
Relationships are tough.

It’s in your face, you know? It’s difficult energy. Spewed all over you.

I can use Donna Eden’s Blow Out the Venom.
I can use Meridian Tapping.
I can meditate into peace and alignment.
I can do any number of effective self-care energy methods. And steer clear of that person.

I can usually stay centered and balanced – if nobody knocks me over.
The challenge is to become so steady and clear that nobody can knock us over.

But if it’s a close person in your life who lashes out when you least expect it?

Nowadays, people are confused and super stressed (some more than others),
filled with inner conflicts (hidden to them),
and public outer threats (that feel crushing when a person doesn’t know that they create their own reality).

This week I gained clarity on something I already knew but had not fully digested.
When the person rages at you, they look like a trapped animal.
The toxin is violent anger. But the cause is fear.

Life-threatening fear.
It feels like mortal danger because it is a giant accumulation of threat and pain from every place in their past. Especially times when they were too young to understand and too young to manage any of it.
This is Mortal Danger, amplified beyond comprehension. (They usually don’t know why.)

Take a deep breath.

This common situation is likely to get a bit worse in the next few years, on this planet.
If we are going to handle it, then we need to clean out our own pockets of fear and resistance.

In the field of Energy, others’ toxic emotions latch onto us because, somewhere deep inside, we have disowned and resisted the same toxic emotions within us.

If we learn that we contain everything (All is One),
and we accept all,
and we allow all emotions and energies to pass through us,
then they don’t whack us.

If I had not tried to block and resist that hostile energy, then it would not have stuck to me.
I was also resisting my own angry baggage, which resonated and clung to that hostility.

It’s like if a child (or adult) screams at you that there’s a monster under the bed, but you don’t fear it, will you scream too?
Their Big Scream won’t throw you into the ditch.
You have compassion for their fear.
(I hope I can reach that perspective.)

I believe we can truly gain broad perspective, higher reality, where this whole dance of life is allowed.
I believe we can tune into universal divine love.
I believe we can and we will pass through these crazy years on the planet into an age of more friendship, peace, and stability than ever before in our recorded history.

That option is available even now.
Because life is an inside job.
We do create our own reality.
Some don’t believe it.
Some won’t go there.
Some won’t try.
But it is an equal-opportunity option.

Here’s something to help on this journey.
Sound healing is the next big thing on the horizon, already in use by many.
In particular, Biofield Tuning is the most powerful (knock-your-socks-off) healing I have found, to date.

Eileen McKusick, the originator Biofield Tuning, has just released a free video to help clear out our long-term baggage.
With a newly-designed tuning fork of 144 Hz, extremely effective for deep issues, Eileen does a group tuning in this Free Emergency Tuning.
At first, the sound is challenging, difficult, even painful as it works on your body.
In about a half-hour, it shifts into more comfort. You can feel it

In my case, the pressure and discomfort went straight into my sinuses.
I am so familiar with this deep-seated half-hidden sinus problem.
Louise Hay tells us the meaning of sinus trouble is “irritation to one person close to you.”
(I think of it as “a snit” about things I cannot change. The Work of Byron Katie would help me to accept what-is.)
Hay recommends the affirmation, “I declare peace and harmony indwell me and surround me at all times. All is well.”

I’ve been on this sinus project for a few years.
I don’t expect one tuning session to clear it. But I’m making progress.
I do find it uncanny that the 144 Hz vibe found it straightaway.
I will listen to this session many times, to bring in that healing energy (about every 10 days).

After every Biofield Tuning session it’s important to
drink lots of water,
rest your feet on the Earth (grounding) – if possible.
And definitely take a salt bath (2 to 3 cups of Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, any healthy salt).
If you have no tub, then do a salt scrub in the shower (liquid soap on a handful of healthy salt).

This vital self-care balances the big energies of this method.
(If you skip it, you may feel worse the next day. In fact, some physical-emotional ups and downs for a few days are common. Take more salt baths and re-listen to the session at 10-day intervals. Or contact me for a private session, in-person or distance session over the phone.)

Listen to Eileen’s half-hour Free Emergency Tuning at 144 Hz – a free sound healing.
See where it takes you within.
See what kind of baggage you can drop.
Biofield Tuning can improve the situation permanently (in the experience of participants for years now).

As Eileen says, freedom and happiness expands when we “raise our voltage” (topic of another session).

Please share your experiences below.


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