Natural Immunity Wins the Day, Hooray, the Truth Shows Itself

Hindsight is 20/20 – maybe now we will see clearly.
The CDC has finally admitted and proclaimed that natural immunity is stronger than the vaccines. They published a study similar to 130 earlier studies worldwide that all demonstrate the strength of natural immunity after a Covid infection.

The CDC study analyzed US data from the Delta wave, May to November 2021. They estimated a “hazard rate” according to number of hospitalizations. (Some media reportage is slightly misconstrued – the study is not easy reading.)

The study found that the hospitalization rate for the vaccinated without previous Covid infection was about 5 times lower than for the unvaccinated who had no previous exposure to Covid.
But for the unvaccinated with previous Covid infection, the hospitalization rate was far less than that, because of naturally acquired immunity. (Reportedly 15 to 29 times lower.)
For those with previous Covid plus a vaccine, the hospitalization rate was a couple points better, still. (Reportedly 20 to 32 times lower. These numbers are quoted in official sites, even though their graph doesn’t look that dramatic.)

In the CDC graph below, both natural immunity groups ran lowest, at about the same rate, whether they were vaccinated or not, especially from mid-August onward. (The solid blue line goes much higher on the original image, but I wanted to zoom in on these lowest lines.)

CDC report January 19 2022 resized

A direct quote from the CDC study:
“By early October, persons who survived a previous infection had lower case rates than persons who were vaccinated alone.”

This means that previously infected people handled Delta with fewer hospitalizations than anybody else. Their body knew how to handle the root virus already. (Not that they were totally immune – this was a new mutation, after all – but their cases were lighter than before.)

Naturally acquired immunity is always and ever an important principle of medicine and epidemiology, especially with viruses.
Yet the establishment here in the USA (media, politics, Pharma, AMA, CDC) has ignored (and practically denied) this for two years!

I have not been able to convince my family of the basic medical principal that natural immunity is protective and should work just as well as a vaccine.
Now we discover that natural immunity has outperformed vaccine-only status during the Delta wave. (Natural immunity was 10 to 24 times “better” than vaccine-only, according to the reams of data.)

The Covid vaccines are designed for one spike protein, but they cannot possibly cover the many, many, proteins in the virus.
This is why natural immunity succeeds so well. The body is intelligent and learns to handle every aspect of the virus – not just one spike protein, but everything about it.

And yes, for people with co-morbidities, advanced age, weak immune systems and such, the vaccines certainly can prevent death. And lower the risk 5 times or more, of course.

But why have doctors and scientists been censored and ridiculed for pointing out that naturally acquired immunity does work?
It does work.
I’m just saying.

(My kids can quit worrying about me about me now. I had the first Covid for nine weeks in early 2020. I am not careless, but so it goes.
A year later, my dear kids pushed me to get a vaccine, so I got the J&J – although medically-speaking, I knew I had acquired natural immunity.
A few months later, darn it, I caught Delta, but it was a whole lot easier and lighter than the first time around. My body had acquired better skills to heal it.  -Diane) 

As you recall, Sweden did not lock down at the height of the pandemic. They favored naturally acquired herd immunity. Now, in 2022, comparing countries around the world, the USA ranks 22nd in deaths per million: 2,575. Sweden ranks 63rd in deaths per million: 1,514.

These two years have been rough.
We have all lost loved ones.
I’m sorry for our losses.
And the earlier versions of Covid have caused sticky organs and complications that may still be hidden after recovery. (See visceral manipulation for sticky lungs and how to heal histamine overload.)

Despite all this mess, I feel we are over the worst of it.
Virologists have told us that every virus evolves to be less lethal and more contagious until we reach the level of the common flu or cold.

We now have so much technology that the media will continue to inform us that new strains have been found.
Alright-y then.
We have a lot of microscopes and whole lot of media.
We have the option every minute to hear what these tiny organisms are doing next.

But we don’t have to fear them as hard as we’ve been doing for the past two years.

We should continue good self care and precautions, but darn it all, we do not have to freak out.
The freak-out has never helped us.
We are mighty tired of the whole thing, anyhow.
We are ready to quit feeding into it.

More Covid studies have established the effectiveness of early intervention with “old” non-lucrative drugs.
Free thinking doctors (such as those at and
are getting 99.99% effectiveness with their protocol of
hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, vitamins D and C, and zinc.
(But when taken for long periods of time, ivermectin can impair your gut flora/microbiota, so be careful of that.)

Expert Dr. Peter McCullough, who helped put together that protocol, states that the idea of “asymptomatic spread” was not true.
He points out that the pandemic is worse in nations with high vaccine intake.
And he says omicron could serve as a “universal booster” to help end the pandemic.

If you didn’t catch Covid yet, don’t run out and grab it (like we did in the 1960s with our moms dropping us off at the chickenpox-house-full-of-kids).

Perhaps now, enough of us have gone through Covid that we can achieve herd immunity.
(You’re welcome.)
The pandemic should be less and less of a threat.

Please share your thoughts with us, below.

See highlights of a panel of physicians and scientists giving a Second Opinion.

Corona covid_ earth map Gerd Altmann Pixabay

(Yup, there she is in her crown – our dear transformative Coronavirus – but weaker now. Many thanks to Gerd Altmann for the world map of humanity on Pixabay.)

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