Take Heart – Calm, Intelligent Experts say the Pandemic will Fizzle Out Now

I hate to mention the tiresome “P—-mic,” but I have found new hope.
Gotta share good news!
Never mind the way the media sensationalizes and pushes fear into us. (They ignore many basic medical health and scientific principles. Don’t get me started.)

Omicron arrives whether we are vaccinated or not, whether we have infection-acquired immunity or not.

My confidence and optimism arose when I found the levelheaded, experienced, and wise Dr. John Campbell of England.
Campbell gathers and presents unbiased data, as follows.

Recent studies show that despite Omicron’s many mutations, our T cell response (induced by vaccination or natural infection), recognizes Omicron and reduces the severity of the illness. That’s why this new version is brief and “okay” for most of us.

Also – the resilience of our T cell response is predicted to serve us well if new Covid variants emerge in the future.

Virologists tell us that Nature is filled with viruses. The natural course of any virus is to become less virulent and more contagious as time goes by.
It’s as if the virus just wants a life, like anybody else. It mutates so that it can hang out with all the other microbes in the world and inside of us.
(Imagine the 39 trillion microbes each human carries naturally.)

Experts say this “pandemic” is now shifting to become “endemic” like the common cold or flu.
If we’ve had either the vaccine or previous infection with Covid, then Omicron will be fairly gentle on us.
Even if you’ve had neither, it is still a relatively “easy” virus (see below), compared to earlier versions.

We have watched Omicron rise and fall in South Africa. Now the same thing is happening around Europe and the UK. Their numbers are coming down.


South Africa and UK Covid graph

Only a few days ago Campbell reported that many specialists now agree that the Covid pandemic is resolving now, (as he has been saying already).
Here are some of Campbell’s quotes from experts in Europe and England.

Marco Cavaleri, head of biological health threats and vaccines strategy for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), has stated:
“With the increase of immunity in population – and with Omicron, there will be a lot of natural immunity taking place on top of vaccination – we will be fast moving towards a scenario that will be closer to endemicity.”
“Boosters, can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly.” (See more.)
“Repeated vaccinations in a short time frame will not represent a sustainable long-term strategy.”
“We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting.”

Prof. Julian Hiscox, Chair in Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool UK, (on the board of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group for the UK government), has stated:
“We’re almost there, it is now the beginning of the end, at least in the UK.”
“I think life in 2022 will be almost back to before the pandemic.”
“Should a new variant or old variant come along, for most of us, like any other common cold coronavirus, we’ll get the sniffles and a bit of a headache and then we’re okay.”

Dr. Elisabetta Groppelli, virologist, St George’s University of London, states:
“I am very optimistic.”
“We’ll soon be in a situation where the virus is circulating, we will take care of people at risk, but for anybody else, we accept they will catch it – and your average person will be fine.”

Prof. Azra Ghani, epidemiologist, Imperial College of London, states:
“Covid will still be around, but we [will] no longer need to restrict our lives.”
“It seems like it’s taken a long time, but only a year ago we started vaccinating and we’re already an awful lot freer because of that.”


The general advice from doctors is that if you have a sore throat and drippy nose, it’s likely you do have Omicron.
If you’re in the USA, you can get a free home tests (4 tests per household) from the US government.
Be sure to swab your throat and nostrils, for the test.

The fine print on home tests says they are not 100% accurate, and you may want a PCR test for more accuracy.
However, it seems to me, whether you test yourself or not, if you have symptoms, you should relax and quarantine for at least 5 days (or 10 days).
You should be fine after that.

Omicron targets the upper airways and not the deep lungs (hooray).

(If you’ve had Covid 19 or Delta, it’s very likely that your lungs have become slightly restricted. It’s a good idea to have your lungs treated by a Visceral Manipulation therapist – find out more. So far, this lung restriction does not happen with Omicron, as it is an upper-airway virus.)

Omicron incubation is 2 days.
Symptomatic disease with omicron is shorter than previous versions of Covid.
Most people could leave isolation at 5 days, says Dr. Campbell, although some may want to wait 10 days.

Omicron doesn’t usually cause a loss of taste and smell, but these are still included in the list of symptoms (observed internationally and listed here by Dr. Campbell).

Omicron symptoms
Runny nose, 73%
Headache, 68%
Fatigue, 64%
Sneezing, 60%
Sore throat, 60%
Persistent cough, 44%
Hoarse voice, 36%
Chills or shivers, 30%
Fever, 29%
Dizzy, 28%
Brain fog, 24%
Altered smell, 23%
Sore eyes, 23%
Unusual muscle pains, 23%
Skipped meals, 21% (no appetite)
Loss of smell, 19%
Chest pain, 19%
Swollen glands, 19%
Feeling down, 16%

What to take for Omicron
With any type of Covid, including Omicron, the recommendation is to make sure you have enough vitamin D,
vitamin C,
Omega 3 (fish oil),
Melatonin at night, and
one aspirin a day.
(Personally, I take also wild oregano oil under the tongue several times a day – it’s an antiviral.)

Dr. John Campbell advises that if you are at risk (with co-morbidity factors and general poor health), you may want to take Fluvoxamine, because early treatment helps avert hospitalization by 30%. You can ask your doctor for a prescription to have it ready, just in case.

In the image below, note that even the US appears to be “over the hump” and resolving Omicron.

AND just this moment, I see Britain has announced they will no longer require masks nor documentation of vaccination, and citizens can return to working in person instead of at home.
The pandemic has now converted to an endemic situation, says the UK government announcement.

Let’s stay in touch.
I know we’ll get through this together.

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Covid cases as of Jan 17

(Thanks to The Washington Post, the BBC, and John Hopkins for these images.)

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