Benefits of my Favorite Sensational Oils for Relief – Mint, Lavender, Lemon

What are your favorite essential oils?
Each has its unique fragrance, its own energy signature, its special vibration.
(When applied to the skin, we first put it into a carrier oil such as jojoba.)

My tried-and-true choices are peppermint, lavender and lemon.

Improves concentration & mental accuracy
Lifts depression
Removes barriers, halts negative thoughts
Digestion support
Colds and allergies (place a drop at the base of the throat)
Clear throat chakra
Headaches and migraines (a drop on either temple and the nape of the neck)
Reduces pain

Reduces nervous tension – has a peaceful calming influence
Emotional balance and warmth
Lifts depression
Relieves insomnia (a drop on the bottom of big toes and each foot)
Understands and soothes pain (apply topically as needed)
Bruises, burns, cuts

Reduces anxiety (put into a diffuser or a couple drops rubbed on your palms)
Improves memory, concentration, aliveness
Helps prayers take flight
Reduces apathy, fear, burnout and mental fatigue
Reduces trauma
Immune booster
Respiratory system support
Cleanse and purify the air

These are the three oils I use most often – on the body or diffused into the air.

What are your favorites?

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  1. Shelley Kalin says:

    I found a lavender farm in Oregon and absolutely love their products. It’s called Columbia view lavender

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