A Fun Fresh Storybook to Stop Fearing Death and Embrace Life

When Xavier exploded to the other side of the veil, he kept on walking. Just another firecracker, he assumed.  . . .

 Jayne Roper was twenty-one, pragmatic, agnostic, and now disembodied. “I can’t believe I’m not going to graduate!” She sat in the cemetery, stunned and confused.   . . .

“Okay, I was all gung ho, ready set, but now I’m freezing up,” said Daisy. She stood in a line of several thousand souls, snaking down a dim rocky slope toward the cliff that dropped into a vast sea of stars.  . . .

“But I don’t want to order your regular number eight,” Dawn whispered, sitting alone in the leafy courtyard of Encantado. “It’s all carbs and meat, smothered in cheese!”
“Tough luck,” Gordon said in her head. “We made a deal.”   . . .

Death is a big ol’ giant fear for most of us, and it doesn’t have to be.
The truth is, there is no death.
That’s my conclusion, after half-a-century of exploration (at the bedside, in meditations, dreams, messages).

There’s a big bright realm of Light on the other side of the Veil. 
In truth, the Light is with us all the time anyhow, but we tend to overlook it.

I know, in my bones, that Adventures await us on the Other Side. 

This story collection is called WHAT, NO DEATH? Sheer Fictionbecause death is an illusion.

In this storybook, find out what happens when:

a random shot is not;
a departed spouse wants to share lunch;
a girl is stranded in a graveyard;
dreamers on the astral plane plan their own demise;
a crazy patient speaks the truth;
a tough guy crosses over into a vacuum;
a traveler wakes up in a foggy maze;
a stranger jumps into the car; 
a dying soul clings to her nurse, and stays; 
an atheist faces the precipice of the big nothing;
a soul and her guardian leap into a new life.

These are 20 speculative stories told for fun, with possibly the odd chuckle (odd, as in peculiar).It’s time for a bit of fun.

Download What, No Death?  (free on Kindle Unlimited or buy for $2.99)

You can get it in paperback for a sensible price ($5.99 – and I’ll get 30 cents – ‘cuz I work for love – so let me know if you love it.)

And remember

Death is nothing but a doorway back into our big spirit life, back to our true Home.

The ebook is free on Dec. 24, 2021 in honor of my sister Denise’s birthday, as she was the one who started me telling stories when we were little tykes.

Past stories, not in this collection:
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