Embrace all your Yesterdays, Move On, and Dance with Life, says Dr. Peebles – Free

Yesterday is gone, right?
Pre-pandemic was a different sort of life.

We grapple with the changes.
Yet we release outdated attitudes.
We have new priorities now. 
I think we are living closer to our hearts. 

We are forging new ways of being.
We are moving closer to kindness and unity. 

Yes, we will argue and debate and struggle against each other. 
But on another level, we are coming to understand that we are all one.

This is the birth of a wondrous new level of existence for us humans.
In the long run, we will quit oppressing each other.
Despite the upcoming fights, the endgame is a new world of harmony.

But it’s a big adjustment to make peace with losing the life we had a couple of years ago.

It is not easy to feel okay with what we have lost, to feel okay with our traumas, to feel okay with our yesterdays.

That’s why I’d like to share this refreshing healing meditation from Dr. Peebles (who is always inspiring, comforting, and loving). 
This passage comes from part 6 of Recondition Your Life. It’s part of Summer Bacon’s Lecture Series from many years ago (which she now offers for donations or for free, bless her).


Recondition Your Life, lecture 6 –

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your spine.
Feel your physical body drop away, so that you can simply stand in your spirit.
You are surrounded, my dear friends, by your yesterdays.
Some of them are glorious yesterdays that you love to have with you in every moment, and they stay with you as memories.

And there are the yesterdays, my dear friends, that have been, shall we call them, less than creative – in fact, rather impotent moments of your life, not a lot of fun, and really not very productive. 

And there are your yesterdays that have been filled with frustrations and anger, disappointment, despair, a broken heart.

Look at your yesterdays now, my dear friends, with your eyes closed, and visualize that they’re all sitting in chairs around you.
Each one alive with spirit. 
Each one wanting only to love and be loved:
a broken heart, a moment of anger, a lashing out from a friend, an evening looking at the stars with a lover. 
All want to be part of you.

Now, in a grand and glorious step, comes an opportunity to dissolve the illusions of separation that have kept you from moving on and dancing with life.  

Now my dear friends, breathe deeply,
and as you visualize all these yesterdays, and there is an ocean of them, keep looking at the chairs around you, filled with spirits of yesterday.

Look way into the back row. Goodness gracious right there, another lifetime! And the row behind that, another lifetime.
Yesterdays, all a part of you, all the shaping of you.

Realize, your yesterdays are like bricks in a house. There is the mortar that holds the bricks together. Is it the mortar that gives the house beauty, or the brick? The texture and the color there?

My dear friends, there are so many things that hold your life together.
Not one better than the other, but all necessary.

For you would not have learned to walk as well as you do without having fallen and scraped your knee a few times.
The falls have made you more careful. 
The falls have made you more comfortable.
The falls, my dear friends, have made you a better walker.

As you begin to realize that all your yesterdays are equally important, of great enormous value to you, no longer can they cause you pain.

There’s no need to go backwards to figure out and to resolve or to release anything, but instead look to these chairs around you, look at how much family you have, 
your yesterdays sitting in chairs all around you, 
your yesterdays filled with wisdom and love and opportunities for growth.

Your yesterdays, my dear friends, they’re all yours. 
And there is God within each and every one. 

And so, my dear friends, raise your arms up, extend them out and embrace your yesterdays. 
Bring them in, drink them in with your breath.
Thank each and every one as they return home to the love that you are.

Feel, my dear friends, not the breaking down of your spirit but the building up of the very same as you embrace all that you are, ever were, and now look forward to all that you ever can and shall be. 

My dear friends, a remarkable moment here. 
And surrender. 

As you bring these yesterdays into you, drinking them in with every breath, now we can return to the discussion here of your physical body. 

Where do these yesterdays desire to reside? 
Allow them to go home.  

Sadness from yesterday – allow for it, my dear friends, to become one yet with your tummy. 

Bring love and peace back home.
These are the prodigal children. Welcome them with loving arms.
Know that they too want peace.

And my dear friends, the day that you were cut off from the life circumstances you desired to have for yourself – it didn’t happen.
My dear friends, bring it home into your knees. 
Allow the pain to dissipate.

The things you did not understand about yesterday, bring them, my dear friends, bring them into your intestines, the esophagus, all areas of your digestive system, and allow for it, my dear friends.

Allow for it now, for some to break down and cry. 

It was not necessary to understand something, if it was not understood. 

The affairs of the heart, embrace them now, not good or bad.
Not one relationship better than others. 
No right or wrong.
Forgive yourself, you knew not what you did.

                                          – Dr. James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon

— continued on Recondition Your Life  – download and enjoy!


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