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Tons of inspiration which I enjoyed,
from Summer Bacon:

Dr. Peebles Speaks…
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon
Dr. Peebles answers your questions on wide variety of topics:
  • Karmic balance for Australia
  • Economic changes, crypto currency or cold hard cash
  • Do beings in other dimensions have physical bodies?
  • In death do we have awareness of every lifetime and experience?
  • Navigating the symptoms of Ascension
  • When we die, where does our soul reside?
  • Making a difference with meditation
  • Working with the energy of crystals
  • Edgar Cayce: The end of Life as we know it.
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Demons
  • Light Language Where does it come from and how its effective
  • Healers using energy to shift the vaccine
  • Adam and Eve, Fact or Fiction
  • Truth revealed and the role of our Galactic family
  • Why do we age?
  • More on the Mystic That You Are!
  • The difference between the Spirit and the Soul
  • And So Much MORE

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How to Relax and Enjoy Life even in These Troubled Times – Dr. Peebles

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