Are You Ready for Your Awesome Chat with Your Dearly Departed?

Want to talk with a spirit friend or family member?
Catch the opportunity now, because the veil is extra thin these few days.

For numerous worldwide traditions, the end of October is a time to connect with the spirit world, our ancestors, and our dearly departed.

Have you ever talked with a spirit – or heard them talk with you?
Have they sent you meaningful signs?
Perhaps you’ve had dream visits with old friends or family?

Most of us humans (72% or more) have experienced some sort of contact beyond the veil.
I don’t know why we’ve been afraid to talk about it.
I don’t know why we have not brought it front and center into our world.
Because of course this means that there is no death, and we don’t have to struggle so hard, or work so hard, or worry so hard about death!

My in-laws on the other side told me death is no more than crossing the street.

A few years after my mom died, I went to a gathering to hear Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles for the first time (2004).
Somehow I was lucky enough (coincidence? serendipity?) to have my name drawn out of the basket to ask a question. I wanted to speak with my mom.

It was a fascinating interchange.
She sounded just like herself, with the same rhythm and phraseology.
As we finished, she said she wished we could have a heart-to-heart talk to clear up unfinished business. She suggested I write a letter to her.
I said, “Okay, but I how will it reach you?” Then it hit me, “Oh, you can just read it over my shoulder.”
“Yes, my dear, I will. I love you as my own.”
(Okay, call me crazy, but immediately after I wrote that sentence right now, the phone rang once, which is my mom’s signature, post-2004, to punctuate my ongoing conversation with her.)

But way back then, this would be my first effort at trying to talk with anybody on the other side.
I wasn’t sure what she meant about our “unfinished business,” but I was willing to connect if possible.

On a morning when I would not be disturbed, I opened my computer screen to write this letter. I simultaneously spoke it out loud as I wrote.
(Because virtually all traditions teach that Spirit can hear the words we speak out loud.)

My mom was a good mom, but like any human she had various hang-ups, challenges, shortcomings. That’s life. I had managed to bury any leftover resentments so deep that I barely saw them anymore.

But I opened my heart and listened to my deepest self for this Heart to Heart.
She wanted to hear my true heart.

I began to talk with her and type the words out.
Soon I felt a presence on my left side.
(This was new to me, and encouraging!)
Somehow, she was standing over my left shoulder, listening and reading along.
(This was my felt experience, not imaginary. Sometimes we just know.)

I continued writing and talking about our memories and attitudes and troubles.
My tears began to flow.
Tears of pain.
Tears of acknowledgement.
Tears of forgiveness.

A wave of soft sweet energy passed into my left side, like a beautiful hug into my whole body.
Tears of Love.
Thanks, Mom . . .
I was blown away.
(I cannot do it justice with these few words. But if you’ve done any kind of contact, you know how powerful it can be.)

If you’ve not tried it before, are a few ideas to connect beyond the veil.

How to Contact a Spirit:

  • Begin with a strong intention to contact a specific spirit. (And why not tell them out loud, “I’d like to talk with you at 2 p.m. on Sunday.”)
  • Relax everything else.
  • Quiet your mind, meditate.
  • It may help to light a candle to set the tone and sharpen your focus.
  • But don’t obsess about it.
  • Get out of your head and into your heart.
  • Relax and float.

When you feel a presence, ask aloud, “Who’s here?”
Feel for the answer.
Feel for images, smells, tones, any clue that may drift in.
TRUST your knowing.

If you have a certain question, ask aloud. Listen openly for a reply.

The times when we feel easy and light, carefree and happy, messages come through easier from the spirit world. Because when we raise our vibration closer to the high vibration where they live, contact is clearer.

I’d love to hear about your spirit experiences – please comment below.

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  1. Nicole Michele Brown says:

    Love your experience Diane!!! Hope more people take this on, it would help their pained hearts to know they can connect!!!

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