Discover Your Magnificent Beautiful Spirit, an Awesome Dr. Peebles talk

If you are following Dr. Peebles, I must tell you that the most recent presentation, October 20th (mp3), was remarkable for its depth of love and encouragement.
It felt like it came in at a whole new level.

In this one he often prompts you to look at how you have changed inside, in the past year (in many aspects, throughout his talk).
He offers so much insight and support for you personally in the coming times (and how these years unfold).

I received gigantic benefit in my heart and soul from listening to this one.
I keep returning to it for more insight, more peace and bliss, more connection with Spirit.

The beautiful sweetness expanded as Dr. Peebles showed us:
how to communicate with our spirit friends and relatives,
how to release the “prickers” of our soul (burdens) to Archangel Michael,
how to speak with St. Germain for creative help,
or with Yogananda and others.

Dr. Peebles blew me away when he merged into each of us for a big hug and the possibility to connect directly with him and with the wisdom of the Band of Angels.

If you are interested in Peebles, do not miss the October 20th mp3.
(Ten bucks is a small price to pay for such an awesome shift inside you.)

Get the MP3

Many Thanks to Summer Bacon for her work with Dr. Peebles and for sharing so much with us all.

As Summer writes, for this Oct. 20th mp3

Dr. Peebles helps us make sense out of the chaos of life:

  • Who is helping us from the other side (specifically who, and how)
  • How the chaos (supply chain disruption, etc.) of the world is helping to shape us for the better
  • More freedom amidst mandates? (Yes!)
  • Creating knowledge of self in relation to the external world
  • Humans become innovative during times of darkness
  • We are unharnessed from the past (Hint: that’s a good thing)
  • Changes in United States politics: joining together of political parties
  • Your foundation for the future
  • The importance of remembering and/or being in nature
  • The questions we all need to ask ourselves
  • A visit from Dr. Peebles (Yup. Are you ready to invite him?)
  • …and more!

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holographic earth Flickr by Kevin M Gill w Peebles

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