New Angle on How to Heal Migraines and Headaches from Dr. Peebles

In the awesome Q&A session of September 29th, Dr. Peebles shared some new insights about the how and why of headaches, migraines, and how to heal them.

Here is an excerpt from September 29, 2021 –

Q: Dr. Peebles, why do people get migraines?

Why do people get migraines?
Overthinking, a lot of times. And a lot of deep, deep trouble.

Some migraines end up becoming a bit of a purging of the distant past. It could be from another lifetime, even. It’s a purging of old stuff.

You’ll find when you are tested by life, it could be anything, especially for the empath.

When you are driving down the road and you see a little animal in peril on the side of the road, but you don’t have the time to stop to help it, that can trigger a migraine. Because you’re feeling and sensing into life, and their pain, and their struggles, and all the rest.

So, there’s lots of ways and lots of triggers for migraines.

But sometimes if you are having a migraine and it suddenly comes up, you say, “Why am I having this migraine?”
Instead of resisting it, go into it, and ask what it is telling you.

You might very well find that you are seeing or experiencing something from the past.

Could be even something from this lifetime, where you found yourself – maybe you were a little scared of your daddy or something like that.
Or perhaps you remember a time where you fell and scraped your knee, and nobody was there to help you.

It can be all kinds of little tiny triggers that come bubbling up to the surface.
And just releasing old stuff. 

But a lot of the human beings who receive these migraines are incredibly sensitive, and you must learn about yourselves in terms of your energy, your receptivity to energy, and your willingness to release it and not hold onto it.

Be careful when you feel something for somebody who is in pain.

You love deeply, there’s no question about it, but you’ve got to be careful not to hold onto their pain and try to take it from them. 

You can’t do it. It’s not gonna work.
It’s gonna hurt you. 
It’s still going to be there, but it’s not gonna be doing its productivity for the person for whom it was originally intended.

So, you’ve got to stand back and become a little more objectively observant of life, rather than allowing life to attack you so much.

Again, we’re giving you quite a variety of different responses here to this question, because it’s a good one.
But there’s lots of reasons for it.
It is for you to delve into, each one who has a migraine, to delve into that. 

Ultimately, the relationship between any form of a headache is to the tummy area, and it is about not being able to digest something: emotionally, spiritually, physically. It could be as well, mentally. You can get a migraine just from not being able to figure out a math equation, or what have you.

So, because it is connected to the digestion, when you have a migraine, put your hand over your solar plexus, and just simply, gently, rotate your hand in a circle. Give yourself a little love there. 

Draw your energy down into the area of the tummy, and you say,
“I am going to digest what is happening with ease right now.”
And that, in some cases, can be quite soothing.

                                               – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon 9-29-21


In this same September 29th session, Dr. Peebles answers questions on: 

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BUY this mp3 on Summer Bacon’s wonderful site, which also offers many free resources.

Let us know how these methods work for you!
I can say, for sure, that I’ve had headaches directly related to “not digesting” something difficult in my day. 


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