Quick Easy DIY Way to Calm Anxiety and Stress in Seconds Now

Feeling daunted by life on Earth at the moment?

Stressors bubbling up, right and left?

Try this quickie stress relief:

Hold the stressful thought in your mind.
Touch and massage the two “sore spot” areas on your upper chest, below your collarbones.
These accupoints are K27, the end point of the kidney meridian.
You’ll find them easily, because they feel sore.
Breathe deeply and just rub them, massage them.
(You can rub both with one spread-out hand, if you like.)

Breathe, and see how you feel.
Soothe those spots, and their soreness will diminish as your stress lightens up.

massage sore spots

If you’re in a stressful meeting, you can do this casually.
If you’re teaching your child to drive, you can calm down this way, as I did.
If you’re watching the TV news, God help you, shut it off . . .

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What are your favorite methods to drop anxiety and stress? Please comment below.

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