How to Relax and Enjoy Life even in These Troubled Times – Dr. Peebles

What if you truly had a way to be happy despite the world crashing down around your ears?

Every week I get bogged down in one way or another.
But every week I receive awesome encouragement and a fresh start, a lighter heart, when I listen to Dr. Peebles through trance medium Summer Bacon.

I totally appreciate Dr. Peebles’ messages, his insights and his broad perspectives.
He sees what’s happening with us and our planet, more clearly than we can see (down here in the trenches).

He is always verbally embracing everybody, and bringing a lot more love to the planet.
He asks us to do the same, whenever we can.
He is for everybody.
He is not against anybody.
He is inclusive.
He and his heavenly friends love everybody.
He is true wisdom in action.
He is humble. He is but one of many in “the band of angels,” and he reminds us that he is always still learning, as are we all, on our eternal journey of love and light.

Summer asks a mere $10 for this hour of wisdom and beautiful insight each week.
She offers tons of remarkable archives and free teachings. She doesn’t ask you to sign up for a package or anything.
If you see an interesting topic, try that mp3, that’s all.
(You can even send in a question that may be drawn and answered.)

But all these recordings are filled with Divine Love.
All of them make me feel better and stronger in my spirit.

This is the way I’m getting through the many challenges of these pandemic years.
Dare I say years?
Well, when you hear the news from the higher realm, you’ll see what I mean.
And it’s okay.
All will be well.
At the same time, it is vital that we level up our skills at loving our self and others.

Dr. Peebles helps us bring more love into our hearts.
He helps our heart to teach our mind.

Is it strange to listen to a spirit?
I don’t find it strange.
It is a time-honored tradition throughout history, in the writing of sacred scriptures and many other areas of life.

The heavenly realms do speak with us, if we have ears to listen.
You see it in the coincidences of your own life.

So many coincidences, in fact, that you know you are receiving divine help.
It’s not your imagination.
It is beyond that.
Things unfold in clever and surprising ways.

Perhaps not every day, but often enough that you find yourself communicating with the great beyond, with a dearly departed friend, with the divine helpers who assist you, and with the Source of all, Who infuses you.
Yes, You.

I have so enjoyed transcribing part of his message each week, these many months (see those archives).

At this time, Summer Bacon’s dear friend and first transcriptionist, the delightful Bev Scott, is returning to her role in writing the weekly excerpts again, on Summer’s newsletter (sign up here in the pop-up).

Bev Scott is a wonderful healer. Check out her beautiful Simplicity of Spirituality website.

Bev has written awesome books on Toning: Channeling the Light Within to heal yourself (the book with mp3 is currently free!),
and Simple Spirituality – Your Guide to the 5th Dimension.

Welcome back, beloved Bev!

Since Bev has returned to her post, I might not report Peebles’ scoops as often as I did (or who knows, I might, as Summer graciously left that invitation open).
But for sure you’ll want to know about these past two weeks:

Dr. Peebles Speaks…
September 1, 2021 session (click to get it)
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Every day is a gift, and you are the gift in it!

  • What happens to people (some) as they awaken
  • What happens energetically when you plug into happiness OR fear
  • Why it will be more difficult to remain negative in the new energy of our world
  • Children coming in to teach non-violence
  • How to work with the cells of the body (because they work for you)
  • New eating habits as we awaken
  • Human rebellion against robots and technology
  • The next minority on planet Earth
  • Why it’s okay (and important) to love yourself first
  • How to create a new reality
  • and so much more!

One part I loved from Sept 1, the part that keeps playing on my mind, is that every cell in our body is a spirit in itself, doing its best job for us. Every tiny being has consciousness of its own. I feel like I can talk with them more deeply now. (They are my peeps, my team of trillions – and yours!)

But this session, like all of them, is loaded with important info and inspiration.
Get the Sept 1 mp3.


Peebles Speaks…
September 8, 2021 session (click to get it)
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

From Summer: I always send these sessions to my Dad and Bev to listen to before I put them online. It’s a way to check for audio quality, and also to just assure me that all went well. Just minutes after my Dad started listening to Dr. Peebles’ part of the mp3, he called me and said, “Oh my God, Summer! This is the most important session Dr. Peebles has done so far!” I listened later, and I have to agree. This is…

A Very Bold message about our world affairs. Dr. Peebles doesn’t hold back, and speaks about:

  • Hang onto your hats! The energy is accelerating, and it will be wonderful (if you slow down)
  • People taking back control of their lives
  • Admission and administration of fear
  • Why you have charge over your destiny
  • New “viruses,” more lockdowns, uprisings and strikes
  • Why the human heart is stronger than any weapon
  • Creating a deep, personal and abiding relationship with God
  • Why you were sent to earth
  • Are humans smart?
  • Quality over quantity of life
  • How we have been conditioned to not love ourselves (and why we should, now more than ever)
  • meditation, and so much more!

I keep listening to this one, the past couple days, and I can’t begin to tell you which part is most awesome to me.

Like I say, Peebles helps me shift my attitude, my energy, into more love and bliss, every time I listen to him. He helps us to live in hope and faith.

The energy of our planet is now accelerating – challenges will abound.
We are feeling them already.
We are called on to help each other.
We need each other more than ever – and we always will, from here on out.

Hang in there and learn how to handle the changes.

If you are at all interested in Peebles, do not miss this one!
Get the Sept 8 mp3.

“God Bless You, indeed!”

Feel better . . . and don’t forget the free teachings available.


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