How Does the Cosmos Surprise You and Care for You?

Early in the morning, facing the rising sun, I stood on our back porch, doing yoga moves and pondering the dream I’d just had. In this dream, a recently departed friend appeared. She gave me her gratitude for past favors, and said she was doing fine now on the “other side.”
Was that a real visit? Or was it my imagination?

On that thought, a hummingbird flew straight into our covered porch area, and stopped at twelve inches right in front of me. The hummingbird looked into my face for a moment. Just one full second it hovered, then zoomed away.

Well, there you go.
I smiled, inhaled the hint of coolness in the summer air.
Thank you, friend.
Thank you, hummingbird.

A message from the Beyond.

Oftentimes something in my head is confirmed in the outer world.
For instance, a sudden flash of light has beamed at me from another car, at the instant when I was giving myself a pep talk or understanding a new insight.
(Yes, I’m afraid it’s happened multiple times. Because it wants me to know that it is valid, and that I’m not crazy.)

My phone has dinged with perfect timing to accent a special thought that had just popped up.
Sometimes the shadow of a jet crosses my window and punctuates a passing idea.
I’ve learned to pay attention to this conversation.

For me these are great reminders that we are not alone, never alone, and that the Cosmos cares for each of us deeply.

What is your experience of this sort of thing?
Please share below.

(P.S. Hummingbirds never come into that porch – no foliage in there.)


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hummingbird eye ThomasWolter Pixabay 96d

(Thanks to Thomas Wolter of Pixabay for this mystical image.)


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5 Responses to How Does the Cosmos Surprise You and Care for You?

  1. Mukesh Shah says:

    And yes we believe in this too. Universe responds at times to support ood thoughts! 👍👏🏻🙏

    Mukesh shah Sairam Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Nicole Michele Brown says:

    Yes for me I too have had wonderful experiences that say I am not alone and spirit wants to guide me into my truth. Feathers that have appeared out of no where in my house falling into the palm of my hand giving me validations on a question. Bright blue lights that flash across the floor I am sweeping. Music that means so much to me that appears at the perfect time of my reflection. Being warned by my son’s voice from Heaven, telling me to slow down just before a car accident could have occurred. You are right Diane, all we need to do is ask spirit to communicate with us and we just have to be willing to be more aware and trust that what comes is our answer from loving spirit.


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