3 Quick Steps for Awesome Healing You Can Do in 2 Minutes 

Here’s a simple way to do energy healing for yourself and others, even at a distance, without any special training at all.
When I use this one, I feel tons of divine help flowing in.

Most of the pain and sickness that we feel, physically, mentally and emotionally, originates with stress.

Consciously or unconsciously we carry tons of stress:
burdens from our past and even from our ancestors –
future anxieties about our expectations and fears –
regrets about things that went wrong (in our estimation) –
judgments of ourselves and others –
conflicts we hold onto –
millions of ways we resist “what is” –
and tell ourselves that xyz is not okay.

If we can be okay with all of it, without resistance, everything will come into alignment, back into balance and health.

In essence, if we can truly forgive everything and everybody, including ourselves, then the natural flow of light and love fills us again.

Pain and trouble are released.

This easy DIY healing is about forgiveness.

Remember when we did the divine love experiment with a glass of water? Remember how the amount of natural healing energy coming from our hands paled in comparison to divine love energy?
Remember how sweet and awesome the divine love energy felt, radiating from that glass of water?

Well, this forgiveness healing method also brings in tons of divine assistance.

Although it is known by different names, we could call this method
Energy Clearing
Dropping baggage
Ancestral Clearing
– because it is all of the above.

Our connection with our Source is a very personal thing.
In this prayer, use the “higher source” word that makes you feel the most comfortable, be it Higher Self, or Cosmos, or Universe, or God. Speak whatever rings true for you.

I’m sure that sages and saints through history have used this method, but in recent times it was rediscovered by Howard Wills and expanded by John Newton.
You can go to their websites above for their forgiveness healing prayers.
John Newton and his students, including me, have received impressive results in healing with this method.

But also, I have simplified these clearing prayers to the following.
(You’ll change the pronouns to fit the situation.)

1) Begin with some calming breaths. Go into your heart.
Use a pink cord to connect your heart to the recipient (self or other other).

Healing Forgiveness Prayer Simplified

Divine Source of all love and light,
for me (or Jane/Joe) and all of my (their) ancestors, people, partners,
For all transgressions and trespasses on each other, all violations and violence, manipulations, untruths, assaults on each other, all abuse, all abandonment, neglect, lack-of-love and everything we (they) made it mean,

Please help us (them) to forgive each other, forgive ourselves (themselves) and all people forgive us (them) for all time and all space.
Please and Thank You
Please and Thank You
Please and Thank You

Divine Source of all,
Please pour your love and your light into every one of us (them)
For all time and all space,
Please and Thank You
Please and Thank You
Please and Thank You.

We love you Source, Thank You for loving us.
We love you Source, Thank You for loving us.
We love you Source, Thank You for loving us.

3) Breathe and let go.
Let go and let God.

If possible, you can be more specific about the problem. For instance, gallbladder trouble relates to “anger and resentment,” and you could include those words in the prayer, intending that specific release. (See root causes of illness.)

You can adjust the lines to your liking. The main thing is:

For me and all my ancestors, people, partners
For all kinds of abuse and neglect,
Please help us to forgive ourselves, forgive each other, and all others forgive us.
Please fill us with Your light and love, please and thank you.

This method, refined by John Newton, can be even more powerful when you do it with a practitioner who has been trained in more specific ways to use it. It can be done over the phone, and it can produce bigger benefits.

But there’s no reason to delay using this yourself, because the world needs your intentions of love and light.
Starting with love and light for yourself.

Many of us have recognized how important our higher power is in these times.
That divine connection will grow stronger and stronger in our lives, if we invite It and allow It to help us, as It would love to do.

Do you have experience with this healing method?
Let me know how it goes for you.

How About Your Awesome Strong Intention Plus Divine Love?
You Run Powerful Natural Energy No Matter What You Believe or Not

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

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