Easy Way to Loosen Up and Relax the Body – Magnesium

What if there was a safe and natural relaxer that your body craves, for greater health and balance?

There IS.

Magnesium benefits

  • muscle relaxation
  • relief of muscle cramps
  • better sleep and more energy on awakening
  • reduced stress
  • better mood and attitude
  • relief of depression
  • relief of anxiety
  • balanced adrenal glands
  • reduced PMS
  • balanced blood sugar (averting diabetes)
  • improved A1c levels in diabetes
  • better conversion of food into energy
  • relief of constipation
  • less inflammation in the body
  • lower blood pressure
  • repairs DNA and RNA
  • regulates the brain and nervous system
  • better brain function
  • reduce migraines (1000 mg gave quick relief in one study)
  • better exercise performance for all age groups

Every cell of our body needs Magnesium for hundreds of biochemical processes, to keep us healthy.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us do not get enough Magnesium.
Studies show that up to 75% of us do not get our recommended intake (300 to 450 mg per day).

Experts say our low-magnesium modern foods are causing many cases of depression and mental illness.
In one study on older people, Magnesium 450 mg per day was as effective as a pharmaceutical antidepressant.

Low Magnesium levels are a precursor to diabetes (and many other problems – see below).

Foods high in Magnesium include
Green leafy vegetables,
spinach, Swiss chard, and kelp,
pumpkin seeds,
almonds and other nuts,
black beans and other legumes,
quinoa and unprocessed whole grains,
halibut and mackerel,
and many other veggies.

Vegetables, nuts and seeds have more magnesium when they are raw than when they are cooked.

Many people don’t have symptoms of low Magnesium – or they may feel
poor appetite, nausea,
muscle cramps, twitches,
leg cramps at night or anytime.

What depletes Magnesium?
soft drinks,
processed foods,
a lack of greens (because Magnesium is in the chlorophyll of leafy greens),
too much Calcium intake.

Too much Calcium causes your Magnesium to drop lower, because these two minerals always affect each other.
Modern food choices are Calcium-heavy.

High Calcium makes us more calcified as we age:
calcium-stiffened arteries,
hypertension (high blood pressure)
calcified coronary arteries (plaque build-up),
stiff heart valves (aortic stenosis or any of the valves),
congestive heart failure,
bone spurs,
kidney stones.

So . . . GET YOUR GREENS, okay?
Take good care of yourself.
Healthy foods!

Magnesium pills are absorbed in varying amounts and may cause loose stools, so it’s best to space them 2 or 3 times a day rather than all at once.
Topical Magnesium gel or spray applied to the skin absorbs better (but can be sticky).

An Epsom salt bath (Mag sulfate) is an excellent way to absorb Magnesium. Pour 2 to 3 cups of Epsom salt into your warm (or hot) bath, and soak yourself for 30 minutes.

There are many varieties of Magnesium pills (Mag citrate, Mag glycinate, Mag malate, and more).
If you are in a low-Magnesium state, you may need to take more than the RDA of 300 to 450 mg per day, for a while.

We don’t prescribe here, but it’s worth looking into Magnesium, for better health.

What’s your experience with Magnesium? Do tell.

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