Keep the Light Lit and Feel the Love Supporting You, says Dr. Peebles

A bumpy road is coming, says Dr. Peebles, in his August 11th message.
In the next few years, extremely dark topics will be exposed in order to clean them up.

We are being transformed under pressure.
Hold your light and your love.
Don’t get sucked into the misery, nor the helplessness.

Remember the strengths and the gifts you have been given, and use them.
Your light has a ripple effect, a true impact, so keep it shining.

Don’t get sucked into the darkness.
This is a necessary time upon the planet Earth.
But there is still always, always, always, the light that is always there within you.
All it takes is for you to ignite it,
for you to acknowledge it,
for you to live it,
to speak it,
to be it.                               – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Dr. Peebles Speaks August 11 brought awesome profound insights at every turn.

Summer began the talk by giving great examples of how to decide to be happy, despite difficulties. How to take a fresh look at the sky, the birds, the trees, and all the bright spots in our lives.

Dr. Peebles’ vital presentation went deep into my heart and soul.
If you haven’t tuned in lately, this is one you’ll want to hear.

I could hardly choose what to transcribe, because the whole thing was so rich with life-changing words and encouragements.
Here’s the small part we bring to you:

There’s some tough stuff to go through.
We certainly don’t want to sugar coat anything for you.
Because there’s going to be tough stuff, but that’s where the real growth begins to happen. That’s where you really start to learn about who you are.

That is where God is brought back to the Earth, back to the planet, through the expression of human beings, human hearts, to one another.
Keeping that alive, keeping that light lit is so very important.

You are a part of that. You, my dear friends. You have that ability.
Take it seriously, who you are.
A child of God?
A steward of God’s love?
Is that not enough for you?
Can you not put your attention there in any situation, as difficult as it might be in the world?

That is where we want you to really put your attention now.
Because again the energy of the planet supports it.

And there is some other density of energy around you.
Close your eyes for a moment here. Take a nice deep breath.
And feel around you that there is an energy, rather dense.
But not scary, not sad, not negative. But very dense.

Feel that energy around you.
That energy is supporting you.
It’s holding you up.
That is the strength and the light of your guides, your angels, family and friends who know that this is a hard time upon the planet Earth.

That is the strength and the power of God.
Holding you up and saying, “Hey, don’t forget who you are.”

It feels thick, dense.
Dense with love.
How beautiful is that, my dear friends?
It’s supportive.
It is not tearing you down – it’s holding you up.

The other density, the energy that you would perceive as negative and such, that’s tearing you down. That’s heavy, but this is not.

This is supportive.
It’s like leaning on a tree when you’re tired.
It just holds you.
It just loves you.
How beautiful that is.

                             – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Listen to more – He goes on to describe how to use this dense, loving energy in practical ways.

As Summer says,
This week’s message from Dr. Peebles is all about how the energy of the planet is challenging, honoring, and supporting us through the bumpy times to come; transforming us under pressure.

  • How to become aware of and work with the reactivity within self and others
  • Engage with self, and awaken to God!
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • What God has activated within you; how to find those gifts, and exciting new discoveries of self
  • What grief, guilt, shame teaches us
  • Fantastic creative ways to respond to the world
  • More about vaccines, vaccine passports; massive uprisings on the planet
  • Density and darkness that will be exposed on the earth, and how not to fall into despair
  • How what you say can actually affect the future of the planet
  • The reason for physical and spiritual storms
  • The difference between the density of negativity and the density of love (fascinating)
  • and so much more!

If you are feeling discouraged in any way (and who isn’t?),
rediscover your courage now, with Dr. Peebles Speaks August 11.

Let your love shine, in any way you like.

Deep thanks to Summer Bacon for being such a clear trans-medium and providing these vibrant messages for humanity.

Don’t miss all the wonderful material available from Summer Bacon, including some Free Teachings.

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