Weird and Surprising Scoops about Sedona Space Ships and Fascinating ETs

My mom’s Texas cousin was wife and mother to a large family (as was my mom), living a typical American life in the 1960s, nothing unusual – until I heard her UFO story.
I was a kid, sitting on her front porch steps one summer night, idly listening to her and Mom exchange thoughts and memories.
After a lull in the conversation, she said softly, hesitantly, “A few months ago I was sitting here when a gigantic thing with long strips of colored lights came right up this way.”
She pointed at the starry sky.
“It was perfectly silent. It was not a plane. It was much too big to be a blimp. It was not like anything I’d ever seen. It passed right over my house. I can’t tell anybody about it. I think I would have to say it was a UFO.”

She spoke her truth.
Ever since then, I’ve stayed open to reports of UFOs and ETs (extraterrestrials).

Now the US Government has finally revealed some former secrets and footage of UFOs.

We may receive more “close encounters” in the future.
How do you feel about that?

I think it would be cool to meet these galactic visitors.
(Full disclosure, I have a friend who met and shook hands with ETs in his top-secret government job about 50 years ago – but we can’t talk about it.)

I’ve read surprising things about ETs in Merging Dimensions: The Incredible Saga of the Bradshaw Ranch by Tom Dongo and Linda Bradshaw.
(Prefix to the title – The Opening Portals of Sedona. Published 1995. I read the photo-filled expanded second edition 2020.)

Tom Dongo is a world-renowned UFO paranormal researcher, with decades of investigations and publications to his credit.
Linda Bradshaw had years of UFO and ET encounters on her family ranch near Sedona, Arizona.

During the 1990s Bradshaw and Dongo worked with a team of friends to seek out and photograph the strange occurrences. Tons of photographs are included in the book, some of them rather amazing.

For me the biggest eye-opener was that these beings can appear and disappear, because they are slipping into our dimension and out of it again.

In fact, the most mind-boggling thing for me was when the researchers saw some Greys (ETs) walking around in the yard, and then suddenly they disappeared, yet they left behind their footprints in the dirt.
There they were, physical and heavy enough to leave a footprint, but they could shift into another dimension and vanish.

The same thing happens with their spaceships. A ship might appear and then disappear when it no longer wants to be seen. (The authors witnessed this many times.)
Sometimes they disguise their spaceships as other types of human aircraft.
They can shape-shift back-and-forth.

Amazingly, Dongo and Bradshaw photographed a “window” in the air.
This window is a portal to another dimension.
Beyond the window, one can see objects and beings in that other dimension.
This portal stayed on the Bradshaw Ranch. (Photos are in the book.)

Several times the authors state that if you actively look for and mentally ask for interactions with UFOs and ETs, it’s much easier to make contact.
And these beings are mentally making contact with us, as demonstrated in several accounts.

Many times, a split second after a researcher saw them, ETs would intentionally disappear.
They would inexplicably erase photos that were taken, leaving blank frames on the film in the camera.
They would drain the camera batteries, to avoid being filmed.
They would bounce a truck for a while or render a vehicle inoperable, so the human wouldn’t be able to chase the UFO.

Often the team photographed the empty air, and the camera caught unseen lights and images, including physical beings that had been invisible to the humans.

During their years of heavy investigation around Sedona, this group of researchers often bumped into black-clad military types who turned them away from the trail they were walking or escorted them out of the area.
The assumption was that the US Government kept a military base in that area and interacted frequently with the ETs.

In November 2000 the US Government paid $4.5 million to buy the 90-acre Bradshaw Ranch (approved in a special session of Congress, no less).

I can’t begin to convey all the fascinating material in Merging Dimensions.
If you read it, check out the friendly being who often came through the portal to visit Linda’s ranch. (Not human nor spaceman.) Charming stuff.

I finished reading this book during a recent trip to Sedona.
I was mentally asking to make some kind of contact with these beings.
I kept watching the skies.
Nothing happened.

But the final night, I casually took photos of the clear sunset (with my phone).
Later I discovered my digital pics contained the images below.

I’d caught something sailing from north to south, above the sunset – left to right.

Perhaps you can zoom in and see what I saw – a mystery.
These images are not retouched in any way, except to provide the close-ups, as-is.

Yes, it’s a spheroid. The tiny bright lights on it hold distinct patterns, as on a real ship of some kind.

I am tickled pink.
Thank you, my inter-dimensional friends!

Have you experienced any of these sorts of things?
Do tell, in the comments below.

UFOs are now UAPs; Are They Real and Why Should it Matter to You?

(Photos by Diane Stallings)
Sedona UFO 6.10.21 both views large file 2400dpi

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