How You Can Bring Your Magic Alive – guidance from Dr. Peebles

On Dr. Peebles Speaks July 15, I heard so many inspiring and delicious things, it was difficult to choose just one topic to transcribe.
Not only that, he gives a beautiful powerful guided meditation that you will love!

How to find your spark of light, your magic, unique to you
How to marvel at all you see, and feel wonderful about it
How to see people and things freshly as if for the first time ever
Step up your forgiveness of self and others

Bask in the love, clarity, wisdom, and the healing of this wonderful mp3 from Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon.

As Summer says,
Say “bye-bye” to paradigms! We’re not going backwards, we’re going forwards!

  • how to stand strong in who you are
  • paradigms as illusions of separation (in the world and in self)
  • it’s time to turn off devices, and sit in the silence
  • processing grief, sadness, anger as old paradigms disappear
  • addressing insecurities and fears (from this or other lifetimes)
  • engaging with the spark of the living Christ within
  • embracing what is new and ahead of you
  • finding your own unique strengths and gifts
  • the lie of commercialism
  • how the energy of the earth is aligned with and supportive of us
  • the miracle of your body (as an instrument)
  • a powerful guided meditation of self-love, forgiveness, and healing energy
  • ….and more!

Here’s a taste of Dr. Peebles Speaks July 15

Stand strong in who you are.
Only you know who you are, my dear friends, and God within you, God bless you indeed.
So stand strong in that, and share it with the world.
Don’t be afraid to be seen and heard and felt by the world.
Don’t be afraid in any way of who you are.

You’re a beautiful spirit, a student of the Divine.
You have great and wonderful ideas within you.
Share them with the world.
Express them.
See what you can do with them.
See how you can bring that magic alive.

There’s a reason why you have these certain gifts and talents and ideas within you, my dear friends. They’re not just haphazard. They’re not just there randomly.

If there’s something you’ve been thinking about for decades, and you’ve never done anything about it, to bring it to the surface, whether it might be your abilities as a healer, a writer, a painter, a public speaker, a motivational speaker, a minister or whatever it might be that you desire, you have finally now arrived at a place in your lifetime where the energy of the planet is aligned with that, within you.

This is the perfect time to share that within you with the world.

So it is time for you to not ignore the voice within you that says, “I want to be seen and heard. I want to come to the surface. I want to try this out. I want to go hang gliding. I want to – whatever it might be – learn to swim because I’ve never learned to swim in my life and I’m eighty years old.”

Do it, my dear friends.
Take the opportunity.

Listen to what’s happening within you, calling your name, saying, “This is who you are. This is what you truly want. This is where you want to head in your life. This is where you’re going to find passion and growth. This is where you are going to feel no longer afraid, no longer ignored by the world, but rather instead you’re going to find yourself appreciated by the world.

Because why?
Because you’re going to start by appreciating yourself.

You’re going to start by acknowledging who you are.
Start there, my dear friends, and then the rest of the world can at long last see who you are, hear who you are, feel who you are.

And now they can respond in kind, knowing full well who you are, and can share with you and give to you their honest echo back at you. Saying, “I love who you are. I like this person I’m seeing here. I like this woman who is changing the way she styles her hair. I’m liking this person who’s really learning about themselves through writing.

“I love this person that I am seeing who’s coming to an awareness of their past not being something that they need to carry into the future. That they’ve let it go at long last. And they’ve changed their ways in terms of feeling such anger and loathing of the past and of their parents and of their children and other things.

“Instead, they are growing now. Now they are coming to a deeper appreciation of themselves. And now they can love and allow for others to be who they are as well.”

It’s a beautiful time period upon this school called Planet Earth for tremendous growth in a very positive direction, despite what is happening out there in the world.

                                  – Peebles through Summer Bacon

Hear more of Dr. Peebles Speaks July 15 and feel better now.

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