No Death – Drop that Fear and Dance, says Dr. Peebles

How lucky are we, to receive another message of encouragement, inspiration, and love from Dr. Peebles through the clarity of Summer Bacon?

Dr. Peebles packs tons of deeply meaningful insights into this July 7th message.
Each time I listen, I absorb more from it.
His teachings are like that – offering more angles to you, over time.

He encourages us to “tip your toes into life, courageously!”
Topics include –

  • The earth is heating up even more, emotionally & physically (race wars & more)
  • Moving away from cell phones and computers, and back to basics of creativity (consciously creating)
  • Peebles explains why he says “MAN and Spirit” in his opening statement
  • Personal growth through acceptance (and how to become more accepting)
  • How our gatherings on earth will be changing
  • If you think you are not like somebody else, guess again!
  • How ALL beliefs and perspectives matter (celebrating the differences)
  • Encouragement for closet mystics, healers, & psychics to be seen and heard
  • Ways to change your life, and proof that you are changing at all times
  • Make peace with the past: an exercise
  • Moving things with your mind (this you can do, and more!)
  • Telepathy and animal communication exercise
  • ….and more on this July 7 mp3

Here is one of the teachings I heard on a new level this time.
After discussing many human acts of kindness, Dr. Peebles points out:

You all have these abilities inside of yourself.
It’s just a matter of what you choose to bring to the surface.
It’s all contained within you.

If you think you’re not like somebody else, my dear friends, guess again, because it’s inside of you.
The possibility is always there to be like somebody else.
It’s just that for now, in this moment here, you’re choosing to bring something else to the surface.

And as we have shared many times before, where I exist, we choose only to bring love to the surface, because that really makes us feel good.
Why would we want to bring hatred or anger or anything else to the surface?

It hurts, doesn’t it, when you’re angry?
It hurts when you hate.
It hurts when you feel fear and other things.

So the joy and the blessing of being here where I am, is that I have an awareness that life, first and foremost, is eternal.
There is no true death.
It is only the physical form that drops away, and you move on to other dimensions of understanding and awareness of yourself.
And you continue to learn and to grow.

So in that, my dear friends, you certainly realize there is no death, so there is no more fear.
There’s nothing to fear when there’s no possibility of dying and such.

When you find and realize at long last that you can’t have control over anybody, you stop that.

And you realize what you want is really to dance and to play with everybody.
You want to live your life in greater joy and absolute beautiful expectation of beauty and wonder that is ahead of you.

“What’s that over there? Who is that over there? Let me go find out. I want to experience them.”
This is exciting for me, to discover more and more aspects of who I really am, and so on, and so forth.

You grow and grow into greater and greater love.
That growth into greater love is without end, my dear friends.
It does not stop. It is not finite.
It does not exist in one place with one person, with one religion, with one politician or anything else.

It does not ever stop growing.
It happens within you.
And it is alright to love the many rather than the few.

                                    Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 7, 2021

Click to download and hear Dr. Peebles Speaks July 7.

Yes, it does hurt when we stay in those feelings of anger, hate, and fear.
They tend to creep in.
Yet we can focus on what we love, and open to more love every day.

Dr. Peebles gives us a couple of super cool exercises in this July 7 session, so don’t miss it.

Be sure to check out more awesome material from Summer Bacon, including Free Teachings.

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